Thursday, September 22, 2016

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The result of no education is ignorance.
Everyone got that?  Anyone in the class still unsure about what this statement means?
     All right, let’s proceed.   
Super-Liberal former President of Princeton University Woodrow Wilson, was elected President in 1913, long before the term Liberal was conceived. From all that I’ve read, he proved to be an intellectual snob, an avowed anti-black racist and the first leader of this nation to champion the Socialist ideology.  What a guy.  The Russians engaged in a revolution in 1917 that saw Socialism and Communism gain power over that vast society.  That ideology when translated into action by a series of tyrannical leaders in what was eventually named, The Soviet Union, proved to be totally impractical and was the first failure on a grand scale of that pipe-dream.
Innumerable political feather-brains have been mesmerized by the Socialist ideology, believing in its pipe-dream premise.  A bit of education in World History would, or should, be enough to convince reasonable young people that this system simply doesn’t work.  Lacking in such education, the result is a preponderance of ignorance.
Similarly, a reading of factual papers written contemporaneously about the actual proceedings and the men who founded this nation would, or should, be sufficient to convince reasonable Americans who have the slightest curiosity about the subject – that The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights are the most perfect documents ever conceived by man to effectively and fairly govern himself and all other men of good will.  No education in American History? . . bad!
We live in an age when there has been a marked drop-off in the number of young people who regularly attend faith-based services thus, there are far fewer chances  for people to acquire and absorb the practical and beneficial aspects of religions that teach principled, moral behavior.  Once again, the result of no education is ignorance.
And finally, those who have not had the good fortune to have served in one of the branches of our United States Armed Forces, have been deprived of an education in discipline, teamwork, pride in service and love of country that can be gleaned in no other way.  Without this specific experience, there is no way to fully understand what the Military is, what it does, or the vital importance of its existence. Sadly, for anyone to have missed this unique education means quite frankly, that they are more than likely to be ignorant of the full understanding of ‘Patriotism’.  No education = ignorance.
        MORT KUFF  © 8-28-2016

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Gary Goldstein said...

What candidate has made education a priority? Is it the candidate who is against school choice (Hillary Clinton)? It should be a no-brainer for a sane person to champion school choice in order to bring competition into our now government-monopoly schools. She is in the pocket of the teacher's unions, who are against school choice so she cannot be what is right for poor families and students. Hillary and the Democrats want to keep the status-quo which proves what Albert Einstein once said was the definition of insanity, "Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". Trump favors charter and voucher schools, Hillary does not.