Thursday, April 14, 2016

Who's The Enemy?

It boggles my mind that some conservative G.O.P. members would vote for Hillary Clinton or not vote at all if Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination. That's like cutting off your nose to spite your face. They totally ignore Reagan's “80% Rule” which states that a Republican should vote for the Republican candidate who agrees with 80% of what you believe. Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, I'm sure his views would meet that 80% plateau as compared with the 0% that Hillary Clinton (or Bernie Sanders) has spelled out.

I've voted for Republicans in the past who I felt fell short of what I believed, but I held my nose and voted for for both John McCain and Mitt Romney (before he became a Judas Iscariat by trashing Trump), as better than the alternative, Barack Hussein Obama. Think of the millions of Republicans who didn't vote in 2008 and 2012, because the candidates weren't pure enough conservatives and look what we got, two terms of a totally inept president who has screwed up our country big time. I think as weak as both McCain and Romney were, they would've been better than Obama. Hillary has declared that she will continue the failed Obama policies if she is elected president. Is that what you would want?

When we were kids, there were times when we did not get our way with our friends, and when that happened we threatened to or did take our ball or toy and head home in a pique. Of course, that was a childish move, but it could be excused because of our age, but as adults, we should know better and not act like children.

You don't have to accept or agree with everything Donald Trump says or does, but what is the sensible alternative, Hillary (or Bernie)?

The positions Donald Trump has taken and promises to fulfill are positions most conservative Republicans believe in such as; nominating a conservative Supreme Court justice in the image of Antonin Scalia; closing the southern border and tightening up visas issues to prevent illegal immigrants and drug traffickers free access into our country; negotiating better trade agreements and better national security agreements with other countries; building up our military and taking better care of our veterans, etc., etc. Neither Hillary or Bernie believe in those sensible positions, so why even consider that they would or should deserve your vote instead of voting for Donald Trump? Does it really make sense to vote for your ideological enemies ?

C'mon conservative Republicans, wise up and stop your pettiness because your candidate didn't make it in the primary. If you want 4 more years of Obama, go ahead and vote for the enemy (Hillary). You not only will hurt yourself, your family, your friends, but also the country as a whole. We will then continue on the “road to perdition” on our way to becoming a second-rate country, in the image of Europe. We don't want to become the United States of Europe, do we?

So, if you vote for Hillary and she becomes president, you can then say you have met the enemy and it is us.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Lou Plante said...

Any of the remaining G.O.P. candidates would be better than what the Democrats have to offer. None of us can agree with all the positions of any candidate, but weigh the pusses and minuses of the G.O.P. nominee as opposed to the Marxist/Socialist policies of either Hillary or Bernie. It should be a no-brainer for a discerning voter. As Chuck said in his editorial, all G.O.P. voters should use the Reagan 80% rule, it's the right thing to do. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

Wolfbane said...

I am furious as a fervent constitutionalist that you would promote this whiner. How about maybe he is 80% a democrat and 20% RINO.
Does it not bother you even a bit that Trump has indeed expressed the intent to ignore--as Obama has--laws or regulations he does not like or approve of? You are pushing a true Democrat as a Republican Presidential nominee and expect us to just go along? Did you give up your conservative values to elect Al Shapton's buddy? Grow a pair and fight against this Fraud.

Like the "We the People" told Hannity, dump trump the Democrat and get back to the constitution.

Kathy H said...

Thanks Chuck. As one who plans to vote for Trump or Cruz, whichever ends up winning, I was beginning to feel very alone. I am certain we've been more divided in the past, though not in my lifetime. I hope when the time comes that everyone will take a deep breath and remember that the real enemy to our liberty is Hillary, not Trump or Cruz. -Kathy

Chuck Lehmann said...

To Wolfbane, thanks for reading our editorial and taking the time to comment on what we wrote. My main thrust of the editorial is that it looks like Trump will get the G.O.P. nomination, and if he does it would be stupid enough to throw a fit and say the hell with it and not vote and let Hillary win the White House. You don't like Trump, you probably like Cruz, so be it, but compare Trump with Hillary and tell me you'd rather have another 4 years of Obama through Hillary? I don't agree with everything Trump says, but I'll be damned if I'd throw my vote away by not voting. In fact, if it's not Trump, I'll vote for either Cruz or Kasich, if they get the nomination. I'll do anything to keep that congenital liar out of the White House. I hope you will do the same.
Chuck Lehmann

James J. Pirretti said...

The one issue that concerns me is if the RNC forces another candidate on us because they hate Trump and Cruz. The so-called establishment Republicans seem to think that the GOP is their private domain and they should be able to run it no matter what private citizens think.First, it was Bush they wanted. Then Rubio. Who is next?

Anne said...


I just read your piece on how the G.O.P. is ruining the Republican party.

I moved from California 2 years ago to Texas thinking I would be free of California's policies. Need less to say, I am not. In fact, generally speaking, it is worse here because it is not as open as it is in California. I have friends here, as recently as last month, who were going to write-in Ryan, regardless of who got the nomination.

I have been for Trump from the start of this because the Republicans MUST win this election. You know the reasons.

I talked to a very successful businessman from California 2 days ago. This man is ultra conservative, still working with huge accounts, etc. I have tremendous respect for him. He told me that he is already moving his businesses around with the assumption that Hilary is going to win. He solely blamed the RINOs who are imploding with the Party.

All I can do after the Convention is switch to another political party.

Keep up with your writing. You do an excellent job.