Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Pox on All Their Houses!

What a disgrace that our politics has evolved into a Jr. High School insult contest. Both parties are at fault, especially the Republicans. Personal attacks, outright lies, and a lack of specific actions to solve our country's problems, have taken a back seat to decorum and common sense.

The Republicans are engaged in a circular firing squad beating up on each other with crude insults against each other, while the Democrats are falling all over themselves in promising “free stuff” to all who are willing to accept the government handouts, and then blame the Republicans of conducting a “war on women”, being racist and being homophobic.

The Republicans are being portrayed as being anti-Hispanic by stressing that our borders should not be a sieve for letting our country be invaded by illegal aliens, almost unimpeded. Even an ex-president of Mexico has entered into the fray with a burst of a profanity laced tirade against our border policy and Donald Trump in particular. It seems that Vincente Fox is afraid that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee and possibly the next president, and will attempt to get the Mexicans to pay for that much needed fence. Donald Trump couldn't have asked for more of a needed boost by having this Mexican official butting in to our political campaign.

Conversely, the Democrats are intent on trotting out the race cards, the gender cards, and the sexual orientation cards, in an effort to gin up the vote totals of those special interest groups and “low information” voters which they represent.

This should be the year that the Republicans have a “slam dunk” in being able to win the presidency. A less than truthful and untrustworthy Hillary Clinton and an avowed socialist, like Bernie Sanders, should be enough to put a Republican back into the White House. But alas, it looks like the Republicans have not learned from the loss of Mitt Romney in 2012 when his opponents in the primary used innuendo and less than truthful snide remarks to build up their candidacies at the expense of Romney who was the odds-on favorite to win the Republican nomination. As was expected, after Romney was nominated and during the general election, the Democrats used these derogatory statements against Romney, and it seemed to have worked for the Democrats. And now, we have seen the spectacle of a defeated Mitt Romney, who happily welcomed Donald Trump's support in 2012, coming out condemning him in a very deceitful way. What the hell is wrong with the Republican establishment, are they trying to grab defeat from the jaws of victory? It surely looks like it.

On the Democrat side, the usual blather about Republicans being sexist, racist, and homophobic and a host of other made up negative images, are standard political rhetoric on the Democrat side. These false charges get trotted out every election cycle because it seems to have worked in the past, the truth doesn't matter, to them, in other words, the end justifies the means, the truth be damned.

Both parties should take a deep breath and clean up their act (wishful thinking) and if they don't, than a “Pox on All Their Houses”.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Jack Klein said...

Don't the G.O.P. candidates remember the Reagan 80% rule? As much as each of the candidates dislike each other, the G.O.P. candidates are head and shoulders above what the Democrats have to offer. That's where the 80% rule comes into play. Most all the G.O.P. candidates want to stop the illegal immigration inflow on our southern border, they want to do away with unnecessary government regulations, they want fair trade deals and not one-sided deals that punish our workers, they don't want to make deals with the "devil" (like with Iran and Cuba etc.), and they want to appoint Supreme Court judges who will interpret the Constitution and not make laws by judicial fiat. So G.O.P. voters, you can support the G.O.P. candidate who believes in 80% of what you believe, or you can sit home and let either of the Democrat Marxist/Socialist candidates win the election to continue the ruination of our country as begun by that fraud, Barack Hussein Obama. C'mom G.O.P. voter, use your head and not your heart, and vote for the G.O.P. candidate, even though you don't agree with him 100%. It is a vote for your family, and especially your grandchildren, don't blow it through pettiness.