Sunday, April 24, 2016

Do we want Hillary to be a role model for our Daughters?

I've been closely following relevant commentaries aired in pertinence to the use of the unsecured
server used exclusively by Hillary Clinton to communicate Government business via email.

I am extremely perplexed by those coming from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.
She emphatically claims there was no classified or secret communications transmitted at any time,
in any of the scrubbed emails she hid from investigation, jeopardizing the country's security by
bypassing government secured methods for her convenience.

If we are to believe this, she is implying she did not deal in any kind of classified or secret
documents through her personal server and email account. If this assertion is incorrect and in
fact there was, I'd like to know how she conducted secret State Department communications.
Through carrier pigeon? There must have been classified business conducted between her
department and other departments in government, as well as our embassies around the world.

Was Benghazi security compromised, that led to the ultimate death of Ambassador J.
Christopher Stevens and the four American heroes?

If the fix is on and the DOJ does not follow FBI recommendation for indictment, even if that's
where their investigation takes them, will the media continue to protect Hillary Clinton?

A bone of contention sticking to my craw is Hillary trying to garner sympathy by trying to
compare her 11 hours in the congressional house hearings on Benghazi with the 13 hours
of pure hell her incompetence created for those who gave their life protecting American
interests, and her lying about the circumstances leading up to it.

Wall Street made their down payment to protect their investment on her presidential run
 in speaker fees and foundation contributions. Do we really want somebody like her to
spearhead our security, protection and economy? Do we want our daughters to hold
her as a role model?

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Lori H. said...

Hillary always blames others for her failure. She blamed the You Tube video for the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi, when she knew it was a lie. She is no role model as she blamed her 2008 Presidential primary loss on sexist vitriol. She supported her husband’s attacks on Women as well.

No More New York Values said...

Killary couldn’t even keep up with the current tech standards with simple emails. How can she do her job as POTUS?
Time to wake-up that Hillary is Shillary!

James J. Pirretti said...

The Clintons get a free pass from the media no matter what they do. Just look at the fawning interview by George Stephanopoulos. He did not ask one hard question or follow up question. Then you have the Hollywood liberal-hypocrites who decry class inequality and then have a fundraiser for her that cost $33,400 a ticket or $353,400 to sit down with her.

Her travel requirements to give a speech are mind boggling. She also requires for herself round-trip transportation on a chartered jet, such as a "Gulfstream 450 or larger jet" — which can cost up to $38 million — in addition to round-trip business class travel for two advance staffers.

The contract also makes room for high-end lodging, stipulating that accommodations include "a presidential suite for Secretary Clinton and up to three (3) adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her travel aides and up to two (2) additional single rooms for the advance staff." Clinton also demands that meals and incidentals be covered for her, her travel aides and her advance staff and a $500 travel stipend for out-of-pocket costs for her lead travel aide.

All of that on top of a few of close to $250,000 a speech.

And yet the media fawns over her.

Katy said...

George, this is a message that needs to be repeated as much as possible. It sickens me to hear of the young women who “like” Hillary without any knowledge of her actual qualifications or lack thereof. Look at her history when she represented a Man who raped an underage girl and destroyed her life. You would think by now our country would be well aware of the danger of electing a symbol like the “First Black President” instead of a person who can do the job.

The Caterer said...

Does anyone believe that Hillary carries hot sauce in her purse? If she has to lie about something so trivial, it must scare you that so many Women still support her. Yeah a real role model for young Ladies.

Jack Klein said...

How can Clinton supporters rationalize 25 years of her immoral and sometimes illegal conduct? What is the psychological process that allows them to tell themselves that character doesn't matter in a president?

MannyPB said...

Right on! I remember hearing how great a role model BO was. You mean the Guy who hangs around with terrorists and racists? So Hillary living with a guy who attacks women & goes to an island with a Florida child molester is no role model for young girls. Also didn't Hillary teach her daughter to call Secret Service personnel Pigs?

Anonymous said...

She is a Horrible role model! Look at the debates and she would not say "White Lives Matter? or even "All Lives Matter". So she is telling young white girls that their life does not matter but a Black life does matter?

Miles said...

The young Girl who was raped says Clinton is a hypocrite for championing women's rights after helping the Rapist of the young girl. Hillary found a loophole in the case to help the adult male rapist get a lesser sentence.

Mrs. Mondovi said...

The reason the child rapist event surfaced is because it shows what a cold hearted Witch Hillary is. She is such a callous person as we saw with the Benghazi event. She has no remorse for what her and Obama did, getting those Heroes killed. What a shame any Woman would support Hillary.