Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Of course, it does no good to run around shouting,
The French do not need to hear this.  They are hurting and they are well aware now, of the terrible human tragedy that has just been visited upon them by the inhuman insanity of IslamoTerrorists.  All the world except for the lunatic followers of Islam, feel for the people who are suffering the aftermath of that tragedy in Paris.  All the world should understand that this is not an isolated attack – it is merely the point of a poison-tipped spear being wielded by this growing mob of deranged, blood-thirsty morons who live only to hate and kill.  They are single-minded, sub-human  time-bombs who cannot wait to commit indiscriminate mayhem on innocents or with any good luck, martyr themselves.  They cannot be reasoned with, there are no receptors to accommodate logic or reason in their DNA.  That’s called, ‘Stupid’ – and that science is settled.

Sadly, the French characteristic that is  their oh-so-quirky national arrogance, had for generations, convinced them that they knew better – and they were not in the least concerned that their permissiveness with regard to the infiltration of militant Islamists could or would. ever get out of control.  The French have had a very long history of strict domination of their colonies around the world so, why would they be concerned about losing control of their own homeland?  That’s called, ‘arrogance’ and it is an extremely costly characteristic that seems to be endemic in the French culture.  If they don’t know now just how costly it can be – then, there’s no hope whatsoever, for the future of France.  That science too, is settled.

American citizens had better learn the lesson of France, Germany and all the other arrogant Europeans who are now reaping the results of their Liberalism and faux tolerance.  Here in our own country, we have an embarrassingly large segment of our population that are similarly smitten with European arrogance - they refer to themselves as, ‘Progressives’ -  we know them as, Democrats.    Counter-acting this bunch but, not so much, is another embarrassingly large segment of so-called, ‘Establishment Republicans’ that is afflicted with the very same insanity.
What part of, “I TOLD YOU SO” and “WE WARNED YOU” do they not understand?

          MORT KUFF    © 11-18-2015

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Frank Rose said...

All I can say is that Obama's incompetence is an inspiration to morons everywhere.