Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris in November

What transpired in Paris on Friday is the ramification caused
by the buffoon in the oval office, due to his only strategy
ever set forth; evacuating our troops from Iraq, leaving the
whole area open to Islamic jihadists to create havoc that is
reaching far beyond the middle east.

Even in his statement to the world, he still purported ISIS
is contained. I would be open to know what his interpretation
of containment is. Everyone knew what would happen after the
withdrawal from Iraq, except him. And even after he was briefed
about ISIS in Syria, and on the move, he ignored military advice
to nip them in the bud with air power, while they were in the
open, but he waited until they became well formed and established
in key areas before he was forced to do it, even when the
timeline has become ineffectual.

It is apparent to others that he doesn't know what he is doing,
opening the door to Vladimir Putin and friendly nations to us,
looking for leadership elsewhere.

To the PCP, buffoon is politically correct to describe an ineffectual

Conservative column from George Giftos

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