Sunday, November 8, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

OBAMA:   Father knew best!

Balack Hussein Obama’s years of indoctrination in all things Islam, his exposure to radical, anti-American Socialistic hate mongering plus, an inordinately large dose of his Father’s obsession with anti-Colonialism – all these off-the-wall influences have combined to provide him with an outsized quotient of arrogance.  He stands alone in his uncanny ignorance that manifests itself whenever he delves into the nether world of micro-managing the military might of the U. S. Armed Forces.
President & Commander-in-Chief:  He is so taken with these titles that he is quite comfortable mucking up our military, making irrational decisions about Rules of Engagement policies and other inane strategies that are doomed-to-failure, all in the face of sound advice to the contrary from seasoned Generals with only their decades of directly-related combat experience to support their recommendations.  
Obama has never served a single day in a uniform of our Armed Forces and so, his aimless thrashing about in deadly serious military matters is an obscenity.  He is so obsessed with his own perceived Pope-like infallibility, that he can equate his time spent honing the corruptive skills of Community Organizing thuggery on the crime-ridden streets of Chicago, with the combined wisdom and combat experience of four-star Generals and Admirals.  And so, these top military advisors, each of whom has spent decades at training and leading our all-volunteer military in successful combat against enemy forces, have been shunted aside without a second thought by this self-centered, narcissistic demon who wallows in total denial of his gross inadequacies.
              Obama as Commander-in-Chief, is dangerous beyond all belief.
                                                       MORT KUFF   © 11-8-2015

        Allen West       Mort Kuff     Fred Thompson

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