Thursday, November 19, 2015

Democrats Disguised as Journalists

For years, Republicans (a/k/a conservatives) have been complaining about a biased media that overwhelmingly seems to support Democrats (a/k/a liberals), with just a few exceptions. Fair minded people are well aware of the bias, but if they complained, they would then be scorned and be accused of whining by the very same media they were railing against. So, many conservatives would and have put their tail between their legs, in the past, and stifled their views on the obvious injustice of living with a biased media.

Just recently, during one of the Republican debates, this bias was shown, in all its glory, as the moderators of this debate (NBC personnel and commentators) used questioning techniques that wasn't trying to elicit meaningful information, but to arrogantly try to put the candidates being questioned on the defensive, and in some cases attempt to have them go after their opponents in a negative way. Their attempt backfired this time, as the candidates didn't fall for the bait and actually rebuffed the moderator's for their arrogant type of questioning, much to the delight of the audience who could see what the moderator's were trying to do. Boos could be heard on several occasions from the audience as the moderators tried to offer their inflammatory questions to the candidates. These moderators, representing CNBC (representing a notorious liberal network, under the aegis of NBC), could and should be classified as DEMOCRATS DISGUISED AS JOURNALISTS.

The attempt by NBC to get the candidates off message and to attack each other, sort of backfired on them as even some of the liberal pundits, like Carl Bernstein, called their behavior a disgrace. Of course, other liberal pundits, like Chris Matthews, sided with the conduct of the moderators and criticized the candidates for complaining. Imagine if they did that at a Democrat debate?

During the Republican debate, Sen. Marco Rubio made a very profound statement that the “main stream media” was the Super Pac of the Democrat Party. The audience erupted in applause, as it was quite obviously a valid statement by Marco Rubio. In addition, Sen. Ted Cruz also chimed in to more applause as to his observations as to the “modus operandi” of the moderator's questions to the candidates as being hostile and irrelevant (Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie also called out the moderators for their rude and biased questions). You could say that these rebukes by the candidates sort of toned down the hostile questions for the rest of the debate.

If you contrasted the Republican debate with the Democrat debate, it was like night and day. Very few hostile questions, if any, were asked of the Democrat candidates as it seemed the moderators were throwing “softball” questions at the Democrat candidates, while it was open season on the negative, inciting questions posed to the Republicans.

Of course, it is not just the cable and broadcast networks which exude this liberal bias, the print media is also complicit in this attempt to marginalize the Republicans and to brace up the Democrats.

Here in So. Florida, the 3 major newspapers are practically “in the tank” for the Democrats and with an obvious liberal progressive point of view. It seems that the Republicans can do nothing right and the Democrats can do no wrong. Every once in awhile they do print a positive story on the Republicans, but it seems like an after thought as they are probably trying to ease their guilty conscience. Fair and balanced is a term that seems to be forgotten by these purveyors of liberal bias. It will not get any better in the future as the journalism schools are turning out more liberal replacements for the liberal journalists who retire and die off. It seems that we are left with a “Hopson's Choice” (which is really no choice) and will just have to suffer with this blatant bias from now on into the future.

So, as to the headline, it is obvious from everything I mentioned in this editorial, that the vast majority of the media are really, DEMOCRATS DISGUISED AS JOURNALISTS.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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James J. Pirretti said...

It's not just FL, Chuck. Here in AZ our local newspaper is solidly in the tank for Dems. The columnists there are ultra liberals. Whenever a conservative letter to the editor is published, usually it's from a person who does not make a persuasive argument or is not the most literate individual.

Anything to make the conservative viewpoint look bad.

And then you have the late night shows. They fawn over Hillary and dump over the Republicans.

Willie Cadegis said...

Can you imagine if one of the Republican candidates was being investigated by the F.B.I., the biased news media would be having a conniption fit and would be demanding that that candidate withdraw from the race? Why do they give Hillary a pass and actually make excuses for her deplorable behavior? As someone has said, the "Main Stream Media" is the Super Pac of the Democrat Party.