Thursday, August 20, 2015

Whatever Happened to Reagan's 11th Commandment?

Ronald Reagan once proclaimed that Republican's should observe an 11th Commandment; “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican”. If this bad blood rhetoric continues between primary candidates, it'll assure the election of Hillary Clinton, and a continuation of the disaster that we have now in the White House, by the name of Barack Hussein Obama.

It's normal, in a general election or primary election, for a candidate to disagree with an opponent on policy issues, but when the disagreement gets personal and nasty, the atmosphere is poisoned and those personal attacks will come back to haunt the eventual candidate who'll be running against the Democrat candidate.

We don't need to give ammunition to the Democrats, as they will try to demonize and denigrate the Republican candidate anyway. Look what happened to Mitt Romney in 2012. After an overly bruising Republican primary when personal attacks were brought against Romney by fellow Republicans, those attacks were used by the Democrats to help defeat him in the general election. Of course, Romney helped create his own defeat by not doing what he should have done after the 1st debate he had with Obama, which Romney won, but the bad mouthing by his fellow Republicans exacerbated his losing campaign.

With all this ill wind blowing around the Republican candidates by other Republicans, it does not bode well for whomever gets the Republican nomination. Will those criticized candidates and their loyal supporters turn out in the general election after such an acrimonious display of disrespect for each other? Many Republicans didn't come out to vote for Romney because of real or perceived angst about him personally or of his policies. Look what that got us, four more years of a disaster called Obama. Is that what we want in 2016? You would've thought we learned our lesson in 2012, but like a spoiled brat child, the Republican candidates slime and vilify each other trying to garner votes for their candidacy. But, only one person is going to be the Republican candidate, and if he/she has to overcome the negative attacks of fellow Republicans, we are going to commit political suicide.

It seems that the biggest punching bag at present is Donald Trump. Both he and his detractors are guilty of violating the Reagan 11th Commandment. This has got to stop or we will be saddled with another Saul Alinsky acolyte for another 4 years. What a disaster that will be, all because of the petty actions of fellow Republicans against each other. You don't see Democrats vilifying other Democrats, even though they might not be in total agreement with each other. They stick together come hell or high water.

Republicans, wise up and direct your venom toward the Democrat candidate, most likely Hillary. She is very vulnerable as her negatives approach the 60% level. The people do not think she is honest and truthful. But, we, Republicans, must observe Reagan's 11th Commandment by not speaking ill of other Republicans, and point our efforts to beating the Democrats. If we can win in 2016, our country will be the big winner. If not, may God have mercy upon us.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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MeetFosse said...

I saw this on facebook and had to respond. Romney, just like McCain before him, continue to attack any Republican who shows any conservative thought process. McCain and Romney went for the throat on other R's but pussy foot around with Obama.
The RINOs will continue to lose if they are afraid to go after BHO and other Democrats.

Matt_12 said...

RINO Romney lost to a very beatable opponent due to his own incompetence. People like him and Jeb Bush and John McLain are more concerned with "how they are perceived in the press" than they are in actually contributing anything of value to the conservative movement. Throw Christie in that bunch also as most of us will never forget his laydown and hugs with Obama.

Larry Cutler said...

Ronald Reagan also said that we should use the 80% rule in voting for a candidate. Most of us can't always agree with a candidate on all issues, so in making a determination of who to vote for, we should use the 80% rule, which is if you can agree with the candidate on 80% of the issues and the other candidate you can't agree with on most issues, then you should vote for the candidate you agree with on 80% of he issues. In other words, don't waste you vote by not voting for a candidate because you don't agree with him on everything or he is not "pure" enough. Sitting home on election day and not voting is the reason why we wind up with worthless candidates and elected officials like Obama.