Sunday, August 16, 2015

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What can we expect from President Obama over the next 16 months of his term? Just look back  over the past 6.5 years.  It won’t get any better.
The die is cast; the pattern is set. Expect the systematic destruction of all that we hold dear in this nation, to continue unabated – only, the veil of obscurity will have been lifted and blatantly open hostility toward Israel and our traditional allies will become the order of the day.  More giveaways.  More consorting with Islam and more sucking up to our sworn enemies.  More finger-pointing at any and all who dare oppose the dictates of ‘Barack, the Wise One’.  More hostility toward the Congress and Supreme Court.  More unilateral actions by Executive decree.  More accommodations of illegals, insurgents and Islam.  More of the same, only worse.
Jimmy Carter on the way out. Rather than jump on his grave soon after his demise, I wanted to express my total disgust at formerly the worst POTUS to occupy the White House, while he is still alive.  The American voter has made some egregious errors over the years, electing this incompetent Democrat was one of the more egregious. He couldn’t manage his peanut farm,  He hadn’t a clue about managing the Executive Branch.  For a smart guy, he seemed to have no learning curve, whatever.  He quickly became addicted to Saudi oil money.  And he was and will still be to his dying day, the most visible anti-Semite we’ve ever seen.  
Is there any good news, Mort? Yes, there is.  We have the largest field of highly-qualified Republican candidates for the Presidency ever to stand for election.  We have the burning memory of Democrat mis-management of the governing process at all levels - local, regional and national – to remind us that we are at the very end of our rope in terms of supporting failed ideologies and failed policies.  We should have learned our lesson with the Obama debacle.  That is the good news.  Question?  Are we strong enough to learn from the past?
            MORT KUFF  © 8-13-2015

Watch Judge Jeanine Offer The Definitive Criminal and Political Case Against Hillary Clinton.

There is almost nothing to add to this commentary by Judge Jeanine Pirro. With the facts at hand, the specific laws and specific violations, and with the detailed timeline, this is the most comprehensive summary of the case against Hillary Clinton. This summary is not just what a criminal case would look like, but the case against Hillary as a competent, or even eligible, candidate for President of the United States.

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