Saturday, August 29, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Nobel Piece Prize for Voluntary  Submission & Surrender

This year’s Nobel Prize is shared by the two leading practitioners of high crimes & misdemeanors plus felonies, in the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama and John Fool-me-every-time Kerry.

Never since the traitorous Benedict Arnold and the gullible Neville Chamberlain have we seen the likes of such betrayal and stultifying  stupidity.

It doesn’t take a lot of artful diplomacy to cut deals with sworn enemies, when one actively seeks out what the enemy wants most in this world then, doubles and triples the ante, gift wraps it in billion dollar bills and delivers it onto the doorstep of that enemy without receiving a single concession in return.

These two geniuses also deserve a couple of Emees for the worst acting of this or any other season.

                MORT KUFF   © 8-14-2015

200 Retired Generals and Admirals Urge Congress To Reject "Iran Nuke Deal"

This video has Lt. General Thomas McInerney speaking about opposing the horrible Iran nuke deal.

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