Sunday, August 2, 2015

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The magic of 20%.
If it’s a flat tax we’re talking about, I guess I’m pretty much okay with 20%.  I’d like it to be closer to 10% but realistically, if it is a true 20% with no hidden ‘ups’, I’d like to try it for two years to see how it trends.
If it’s a discount on something I want to purchase, I guess I’m pretty much okay with 20%. 75% would be even better but, I’m not going to be a pig about it.
It it’s an increase in my weight or an increase in the cost of something that I need on a regular basis, I wouldn’t be so happy about that. Let’s hold the line, please.
If it’s a percentage by which all levels of government will be reduced straight across the board, that would be a good thing.  {The only exception; the budget for national defense.)  70% would suit me even better.  I do recognize that It would mean that a lot of people would be obliged to jump into the market to seek other kinds of employment but I think that bottom line – it would be worth it.  
If our military budget were to be increased by 20%  every other year for three cycles, we’d be well on the way back to a satisfactory level of strength, closer to where we should always be as a leader of the world.   Strength = Security.
If 20% of those illegal aliens who invade our nation by crossing our  Southern border every day were to be shot dead on sight, as they step across the line and if  the other 80% were to be captured, bound hand and foot, trucked back to our border with Mexico and thrown from the flatbed trucks, across that border, that would be just fine with me.  This applies to men, women and children.  Problemo  would soon disappear. Fence, what fence?  We dun need no stinkin’ fence.
If 20% of all foreign aid to nations that hate us were to be withheld each and every consecutive budget year, until we’ve reached ‘zero’ giveaway, I think I’d be quite satisfied with that, too. I wasn’t so good at Math when I was in school but, I think I’ve gotten much gooder as time has went by.                         
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