Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Wayward Planet

Any question about what it's all about can only be evaluated in our view
 from earth. It troubles me because, it sometimes appears our creator has
a warped sense of humor.

What is the purpose of misery?

In my Christian faith, that question has not been sufficiently answered, and
with the other faiths, they have been and are the cause of much of it.

On the speck earth we live on as part of the universe, too many do harm to
 others. Except for Israel, many of the countries in the Middle East, the Sudan,
 Nigeria and other countries lacking human rights, are living in denial that they
 are contributors to the miseries of the world. They seem to have each others
back when attempts are made to improve the human condition, as witnessed
many times in the United Nations.

Then there is the accumulation of disasters of late. 239 victims in a missing
Malaysian airliner and another 295 shot down and killed by a Russian missile.

Nearly 300 lost in a capsized ferry, 41 plus souls smothered in a mud slide,
13 Sherpas buried in an avalanche; over a thousand deaths by infection from
the EBOLA virus inwest Africa. The raging terror by religious fanatics mutating
 from violent organizations in the name of ISIS, ISIL, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH,
 al QAEDA , etc. These are not college fraternities.

Add Ferguson, Mo. to the brew of disasters, stirring the riot pot with Al Sharpton,
 good old Jessie, the New Black Panthers and liberal do-gooders portraying a six
 foot four, 300lb pot using thug and bully, Michael Brown as a choir boy, crying foul
for showing the surveillance tape without his alter boy tunic on, in the process of a
 strong arm robbery. The coddling of these under aged terrors, white or black must

Massacres occur every day in Chicago, Detroit, with New York creeping up due
to Mayor Bill deBlasio messing with stop-and-frisk law. Blacks murdering blacks
don't sell papers or increase TV ratings, or give charlatans a lucrative podium, or
 celebrities a platform to pontificate.

The President has offered the full auspices of Atty. Gen. Eric Holder's office to
 investigate this incident. Anticipating a fair and unbiased evaluation is not something
 I expect, judging by the Attorney General past record against whites, failing to
 prosecute anything they bring forth detrinental to liberal agendas, or refusing to
prosecute any white against black issues.

Professing the Obama and liberal intent is to make the world better by equalizing
 everything and everyone is the cause of strife and misery, because it creates
resentment by the haves and the have nots who didn't. Perhaps instead of redistributing
 wealth, work and responsibility should be distributed equally.

The lack of American leadership the past six years has emboldened our enemies
wishing us harm to challenge our Judeo-Christian ethic way of life, with intent to
destroy and replace it with a morally sick system they pass as as a religion. Where
 the civilized world rejoices life, these savages celebrate death. Their carcasses be
 buried in swine dung. An ironic connotation can be made by removing the "R" in
earth and placing a "D in front, spelling the word DEATH.

Conservative article by George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies

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1 comment:

Ron Butcher said...

Obama keeps repeating that the Muslim religion is a religion of peace, I guess his schooling up till the age of 11 in Indonesia has stuck with him throughout all these years. The indoctrination has worked on him and he just can't seem to shake the nonsense that was forced into his head as a child. He keeps knocking Christianity but never seems to take issue with the preaching's of Islam. How sad that we are saddled with a liar like Obama as our President?