Thursday, April 2, 2015

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    Incurable mental disorders
Since the beginning of recorded history, the most incurable disease of the body and therefore, the most dreaded disease on the face of the Earth was Leprosy.  Modern medical technology has come a long way since man emerged from the primordial soup. Many of the dreaded physical diseases have been conquered and progress against others is being made every day.   
Progress against mental disorders however, not so much.  It simply has not kept pace.  Islam, in its current form, began in the seventh century and it hasn’t changed in its ideology or methodology, since.  Apparently, the only sure cure is in the termination of its hosts.  So far, death seems to work best.
Liberalism is a much more recent, but no less insidious phenomenon.  It appears to have been rooted in parts of Europe and is credited with spreading its process of rotting the morality of governments throughout most of that continent.
As the smell of rotting flesh attracts vultures and parasites, the smell of rotting governments apparently, has been irresistible to certain presidents of the United States, beginning with Teddy Roosevelt and advancing with giant steps under the tutelage of uber-academic, Woodrow Wilson – and perpetuated by other defectives until this very day.  
As Sickle-cell anemia is a hereditary blood disorder peculiar in a certain race of humans, so Liberalism appears to be peculiarly selective in its choice of relentless hosts – namely, Democrats.  
The only known cure to date, is to be found in voting booths all across this nation, with the exception of those that have been compromised by the illicit and intentionally corrupt activities of immoral perpetrators of voting fraud.
A fully-informed citizenry can avoid contracting Liberalism but, it takes desire  - and it takes involvement - and it takes work.   Lacking these, it is incurable.

MORT KUFF   © 3-28-2015

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Gary Goldstein said...

Can you believe that this lame excuse we have for a President, Barack Hussein Obama, is willing to sit down with a terrorist regime like Iran, but will not sit down with our most trusted ally in the Middle East, Israel? Could all this be the work of his most trusted adviser, Iranian-born, Valerie Jarrett? And his hand-picked Sec'y. of State, John Kerry, is about as worthless as a teat on a bull.