Sunday, April 12, 2015

Judge Jeanine Pirro and Bill Whittle Videos

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement to Hillary Clinton – 
I want a Woman President But Not You

This Video is the opening statement last night from Justice with Judge Jeanine.
The judge talked about Hillary Clinton’s upcoming announcement that she will
run for president in 2016. Judge Pirro  said: “I want someone who cares about
 us, someone who cares about the American people. Hillary Clinton is not that
person. She is only out for herself. It’s never her fault, it’s all about convenience.
She didn’t know. And in the end, what difference does it make?”

Take Them At Their Word: Iran Might Destroy Us by Bill Whittle

The question asked should be "is History repeating itself"? Look at what happened after
Chamberlain didn't take Hitler at his word that he was going to try to conquer Europe.
Now we have Obama who is not taking Iran at their word that they will destroy us.

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Barry Golden said...

Besides being a woman (a happen stance of nature) what has she done or what are her qualifications to become president of the U.S.A.? Do the Jewish people, who support and defend Israel, know the opinions that Hillary has stated about Israel? In her book, "Hard Choices", she claims that the Jewish state denies "dignity and self-determination" to Palestinians. Would you consider her comments to be tone deaf in her claiming that Israel is an occupying force? Does being a Democrat and liberal trump your desire to support and anti Israeli candidate (a Democrat) for president? Are some Jews blinded to the facts by their liberal ideology? It seems so.

duty said...

If Americans don't start making better choices for our next president then America might be to blame for triggering WW3. Hillary is a clone of Obama.

Pedro said...

Thanks again for tweeting this. The Judge should be the spokesperson for the Republican Party.

Badapple said...

This woman, Hillary, has no integrity and you would need your head examined to think she deserves to be President.

Mike Komlo Scams said...

Hillary is a scam artist and a crook.