Sunday, April 19, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

  Say, what??
Barack Hussein Obama - (a Christian name if I ever heard one, unlike those Muslims who traditionally name their kids, ‘Bob’ or ‘Charlie’) – just yesterday, he chastised ‘some’ Christians who don’t act like Christians.  But, he wouldn’t get specific, leaving that conversation ‘for another day’.   Say, what??
One supposes that it was his day to choose being a ‘Christian’ as opposed to the other 364 days of the year when he elects to be a Muslim as he was born, raised, educated, indoctrinated and influenced.  Remember when he went into rapture about how he loves the most beautiful sound in all the world, the Muslim ‘call to prayer’, five times a day?  Now, what good Christian could fail to appreciate that?  
Say, what??
President Obama is a self-designated Christian who doesn’t attend church, doesn’t exchange presents with his family at Christmas (so we’re told) and never spends  Christmastime in the always beautifully-decorated Presidential Mansion, the White House – preferring to vacation every Christmas in Hawaii. Say, what??
Yet, each year on a certain Muslim holiday when wearing of jewelry by Muslims is prohibited, he remembers to have his wedding ring repaired and his watch battery changed. Say, what??

He promised the most transparent Government, ever.  Can you say, ‘Obamacare’?  Can you say, ‘Secret nuclear bomb peace negotiations’ with Iran, our sworn enemy who continually shouts, “Death to America”?  Can you say, ‘Executive Order’?   Can you say, “IRS scandal”, “Benghazi scandal” or corrupt “DOJ”?   Say, what??

BHO has always professed that he takes the high-road when it comes to any interference in the affairs or election process of foreign nations.  Can you say, “Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Libya”?  And, can you say, “Benjamin Netanyahu’s election?  Say, what??

                    MORT KUFF   © 4-8-2015

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