Thursday, March 5, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

Dump John Kerry; make Jane Fonda the nation’s chief diplomatic negotiator.
Americans who use logic every day when making important decisions about their lives, are constantly puzzled as to how Obama arrives at his decisions regarding U. S. foreign policy.  Easy to explain when you consider that Valerie Jarrett is his Chief Advisor.  The priority in this White House is the welfare of the world’s Muslims – first, last and always.  America’s problems and our national security lamely cross the finish line in last place – every time. Guaranteed.
With the well-coiffed but hopelessly delusional John Kerry, who served in Viet Nam for four whole months taking selfies with his video camera, now heading up the Department of State and acting as our top negotiator in an idiotic ‘treaty’ with the thugs who run Iran, we find ourselves on the precipice of committing suicide by beheading ourselves.
Obama’s choice of Kerry to head up the Dept. of State was a bad one. He’s proven to be the wrong woman for the job.  His two most recent predecessors, Madelyn Notso-Bright followed by the Smartest, Most Unaccomplished Woman in the World, the People’s Choice - Hillary, were equally the wrong women for the job.  
The obvious choice to head up Obama’s Dept. of State and a woman with a unique qualification as this nation’s foremost female traitor, is Jane Fonda.  She’s a natural fit and she has a well-documented record of directly-related experience when it comes to turning Americans over to the enemy.
Bring Kerry back to serve out this President’s final term in office, as Obama’s personal Czar-in-Residence to the LGBT Community. Talk about a natural fit.
See, toldja - - one doesn’t need to graduate college to be President.

                     MORT KUFF  © 3-1-2015

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Ted Epstein said...

Talking about czars, how about recruiting Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farakkhan to head up the Obama task force on bettering racial relations? Those guys would be a perfect fit as the "Race Czars", as they have the country's best interests at heart.