Thursday, March 19, 2015

MORT’s meanderings

An Open Letter to all Militant Islamoids:
It is quite obvious to those who pay attention to these matters, that there is a strong gene of ‘Relentless Stubbornism’ in the DNA of you militant Islamoids.  You’ve been at it a long time, trying to take over the world, since the Seventh Century.  And in all that time, you’ve never been closer to doing it than you are, today.  But, I’ve got some sad news for you.  You ain’t gonna like this one bit.
When you decided to put the USA on your ‘To Do’ list, you made a terribly egregious error.  Y’see, if you had taken the time and the trouble to check into it, you would have discovered that the United States of America (we call it the USA) numbers among its 300+ million people, some of the most irrational, stupid, stubborn and rowdy-assed people ever to populate the face of the Earth.  They ain’t like them guys in Europe.  They’s some really bad dudes.  They eat 72 virgins for breakfast.  And, they can be mighty touchy when it comes to anybody who challenges their love for America.  What I mean is, they kinda go nuts.
They own guns; they shoot guns.  They own Bibles and they’ve read them from cover to cover, time and again.  They love the Stars & Stripes.  They love the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force & Coast Guard. They are all damn good plumbers and electricians.  They are also, deadly shots. Some were born right; some were born wrong and some, were Born Again.   They ride Harleys and they hate the smell of foreign horseshit. And worse for y’all – they don’t cotton to being told what to do and how to do it by a bunch of smelly bullies wearing sheets that don’t know how to treat their women-folk. Plus, these ‘mericans eat lotsa pork & drink alcohol.
So, c’mon – try it.  Go ahead and make the mistake of thinking that just because we  screwed up twice in the case of Barack Hoosein Obama, we can be taken in by your violence & weak-horse-shit.  When your ragheads are chopped off, they’ll roll  just like all the others who’ve tried it since 1776.  You’re ugly but, you ain’t special.

MORT KUFF    © 1-20-2015

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Robert Felten said...

Can you imagine if a leader from another country tried to affect our election process by sending agents to try to undermine a Democrat candidate? All hell would break loose. What a disgrace that Obama sent his political operatives over to Israel to try to unseat P.M. Netanyahu. Bibi had the last laugh though by winning by a landslide (in Israeli terms). Now you know why Obama is despised in Israel, but why won't the Jews in America see what the Israeli's see in Obama? Does being a Democrat trump their heritage? Seems like it.