Thursday, March 12, 2015

Nuclear Controversy

Obama and his Democrats feel Senator Boehner should have gone through
a chain of command by inviting PM Benjamin Netanyahu to speak before a
joint meeting of Congress.

Let me clue these misinformed individuals. The President isn't the
Commander in Chief for the other two branches of government and has
no right to control what they do. All three are responsible to the

Their noses have been bent out of joint because the invitation was to
warn against hidden agreement between this administration and the
mullahs running Iran.

No one has more knowledge about Islamic deception than the Prime
Minister of Israel; and when two liars get together, one being shrewd
and the other lacking experience in all facets of leadership, somebody
has to hold their feet to the fire, regardless of Nancy Pelosi's tears.

What ever agreement might be reached, it must be exposed to the world,
approved and ratified by our congress and the parliaments of any other
signatories who sat in conference.

Any agreement allowing Iran to maintain centrifuges to enrich uranium,
or to not work for elimination of the process is unacceptable. If this
be the case, Iran must be annihilated and their economy destroyed for
the sake of world peace, because it will be impossible to ever be
achieved with a nuclear bomb in the hands of fanatics.

Contributed by George Giftos

Republicans support Netanyahu, Undecided Among Democrats

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1 comment:

Ray Rowland said...

It wasn't fair that Netanyahu spoke before Congress, he showed us what we are missing in a leader. He is a man who loves his country and doesn't tear it down like our fraud in the White House does at every occasion. Netanyahu is a patriot, Obama is a Community Organizer.