Sunday, March 8, 2015

Christianity vs. Islam - Is There a Moral Equivalence?

President Obama took the opportunity at the National Prayer Breakfast recently, to make the "moral equivalence" that Christianity did not have "clean hands" when it came to exacting terrible crimes against humanity during the Crusades, and therefore, we (the American people, founded by Christians,) should get off our "high horse" and not judge others (radical Islam) without judging our past actions as well.

The one big problem with that faulty thinking is that the crimes committed by Christians happened 800 to 1,000 years ago, while the horrible crimes against humanity are being committed by Islamic terrorists today, all around the world. We all admit that excesses by Christians, in medieval times, in trying to turn back the Muslim hordes that conquered vast areas in Europe and the Middle East. Atrocities were committed by both Muslims and Christians during this time in history.

Today, Christianity has evolved and has been modernized in that its sacred scriptures contain no calls for violence against non-believers, and the founder of Christianity, Jesus, already modeled a peaceful way of conducting our lives. Compare that with the Muslim religion (more commonly defined as a theocratic political ideology) which calls for and sanctions brutal retribution against anyone who doesn't follow the tenets of the Koran including, execution of gays, stoning to death of women accused of adultery, cutting off of limbs for those convicted of theft, beheading of innocents, and the killing of any Muslim who leaves the religion, and on and on. On the other hand, Christianity today is a religion of salvation by grace through faith, which itself is a gift of God, according to most Christians.

Can Islam be modernized as has Christianity? It would be very difficult, as the Koran contains numerous verses explicitly calling for violent Jihad against all non-believers. According to the adherents of Islam, the commands in the Koran are the "will" of Allah for all times and places. There seems to be no accommodations with any other religion, so the Jihad continues, as it has continued for over 1,000 years. The ultimate goal of the most ardent Muslims is total world domination, a caliphate, as they refer to it.

Some have claimed that the followers of Mohammad will need to radically re-interpret the texts of the Koran to mean other than what they do say. Where are the "moderate" Muslims? The real question is, are there "moderate" Muslims? Most polls taken in Muslim countries show that an overwhelming majority of the people support the writings in the Koran, so a change will be very difficult to attain in order to bring Islam into the 21st Century and out of the "'Dark Ages".

It is amazing that the groups in the U.S. that make up the "Woman's Liberation Movement", have been very quiet in their condemnation of the Muslim practices against women under Sharia Law around the world. This shouldn't be a left or right issue, and should be condemned by all freedom loving people regardless of political affiliation.

So, the answer to the headline of this editorial is ""NO", there is no moral equivalence between Christianity and Islam. The sacred scriptures of the modernized Christian bible contains no calls for violence against non-believers, and the founder, Jesus, clearly modeled a peaceful way of life without violence. That cannot be said of Islam today.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Winning said...

Judge Jeanine nails it again! I see Hillary is still so Poor that she has to get hand-me-down outfits from Chairman Mao.

Bill Goldberg said...

Did any of you see the one-finger (index finger) salute Obama gave at the meeting of Muslim leaders just recently? That's the Muslim (including ISIS) sign that there is one God, Allah. What more must Obama do to convince you that he is a Muslim sympathizer? By the way, Obama calls the Tea Party sympathizers terrorists, but can't bring himself to call ISIS Muslim terrorists.