Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Liberal's Phony “Wars”

To listen to liberals, you'd think they are a violent people as they have declared “war” on poverty, the Republicans, who they claim are conducting a “War on Women”, the rich and successful, and the loosely organized Tea Party, who campaign for less government in our lives. In addition, just recently, during this past year, they have declared “war” on the police. Truth doesn't matter to them, it's the message that counts in their eyes and how it will benefit them politically in the ballot box.

Back in the 60's, the liberals wanted to eradicate poverty, so they declared a “War on Poverty”. Sounded good to many people, but what have been the results after we've spent over $7 trillion since 1965 to accomplish this “worthwhile” goal of eradicating poverty? Have we eliminated poverty, or have some unintended consequences made the “war” less than a success? I think we've found out that throwing money at a problem, especially when it is run by the government, is just a waste of money and, in many cases, the ruination of families who have been caught up in the programs that were supposed to help them, but the opposite has occurred, much to the chagrin of the “do-gooders”. Government “freebies” (handouts instead of handups) have had a disastrous effect on families, especially on black families and the poor in general.

During the elections in 2012 and 2014, the liberals (Democrats) brought forth the scenario that the “evil” Republicans were engaged in a “War on Women”, claiming that their policies were trying to deprive women of their right to abortion, getting contraceptives, and of paying women less than men. The fact that these claims were not supported by the facts didn't matter, it was the “phony” charge that counted, especially with a compliant liberal media carrying their water (message). Josef Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister, must be smiling as he resides in hell to see how well his propaganda tactics have worked, even 70 years after his demise..

Another “war” espoused by the liberals was the claim that the conservatives (Republicans) were the party of the rich and successful, which, in fact, the “fat cats” of Wall Street (many big corporations) gave more money to the Democrats than they did to the Republicans. How many $40,000 a plate fund raising dinners did Obama attend to raise money for the Democrats? Talk about hypocrites - the Democrats were the poster children for political misinformation and deceit.

During this past year, the “war” against police were initiated by left-wing groups (sponsored by Communists, labor unions, and Muslims) to rile up the black community by blaming some rare police killings of black men as being an epidemic (out of all the killings of blacks, 1% was committed by police actions while 92% of blacks were killed by other blacks). The “racial arsonists” (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Messiah himself, Barack Hussein Obama) “stirred the pot” of racial unrest which had a big affect on the subsequent riots, arson, and protests, and eventually in the killing of police officers by ambush and assassinations. These left-wing anarchists got their pound of flesh by causing mayhem and then blaming it on the police who's main job was protecting the very people who were accusing them of wantonly killing “unarmed” black men.

All these examples of liberal “wars” are phony and designed to undermine our society. In addition to the “racial hustlers” mentioned before, a significant number of Communists and Muslim agitators were behind these so-called “spontaneous” demonstrations around the country. To prove that charge of organized mayhem, within minutes of the “grand jury” verdict in Ferguson, Missouri, there were pre-printed, professionally produced signs held by the protestors as they gathered to protest the “war” on the police. Very spontaneous, eh?

So, yes, it is quite obvious that all these “wars” pushed by the left-wing (liberal) groups are phony and are politically motivated and should be shunned by all honest, law abiding citizens in all the various communities that make up our great country.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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AW said...

We should be outraged over the abusive, brutal & horrific death of Colleen Hufford. If you do not recognize the name, she is the working mother & grandmother who was beheaded on September 25th in Oklahoma by a Muslim Radical.

Robert Hansen said...

The major "War" that the liberals engage in is the "War" on common sense. How can they continue to support policies that are losing propositions just because they are pushed by a member of their political party, and to hell with the damage they have done to our society? Blind allegiance is a sure-fire result of this policy of a lack of common sense. This "War" must not be won by the Obamamaniacs or we will reap the fruits of disaster. Will America become another Greece?