Thursday, January 29, 2015

Liberalism vis-a-vis Liberalism

Believe it or not, there are some nice and decent Liberals. Somewhat
like the pre-war, depression types who thought it shameful to depend
on the government to support them..Their pride, independence, work
ethic and integrity dictated whether to accept relief or not.

My parents and many of their friends were among them whom I describe.
Unfortunately today, too many of them are naive and their subjective
reasoning is under the influence of individuals such as the likes of
Professor Jonathan Gruber, our demagogic President and the radical
liberals of self-serving Sharptonian profiteering, rabble rouser hustlers
in their community. Backed by the very divisive Congressional black
caucus, who won't allow facts to get in the way of the truth, by taking
advantage of their ignorance.

Example of this was revealed by the demon-strations in Ferguson, Mo.
I believe in the first amendment if it's used properly for demonstrating
and free speech; but it becomes problematic when it's used to promote
lies.It is problematic when it is used by the demonstrators to destroy their
town and threaten the safety and well being of others. It is problematic
when you see many of the signs held by the demonstrators, were clearly
professionally manufactured in preparation by big money instigators, to
advance their agendas and not spontaneous, but planned chaos.

Much of the hard work and progress made since the sixties on civil rights,
has been contaminated and set back by the Obama administration as if
spike strips were laid across the road to politically maneuver Ferguson
and Staten Island into the racist column so the President's and AG's
rhetoric could throw law enforcement under a steam roller.

Their administration has been mostly responsible for causing the divide
by yelling fire when their was no fire, and the Attorney General is planning
a mock investigation, and the President will use all his resources to end
racism, commenting, "Racism will take time to fix!" I agree, When you
break something, it takes time to repair to its original state.

His solution is to alter how Police departments operate instead of addressing
the real cause.The breakup or lack of black families, disproportionate black
criminality in proportion to white/black population, teenage pregnancies in
the black community and other self induced short comings.

Police harassment usually occur because of the profiles the young thugs
build of themselves, and those profile must be used by law enforcement to
stop criminal activity.

From all we know about the President, his so called solutions are mostly
politically driven and doomed to failure.

I propose he issue a directive for a national program to be added to the
curriculum of all elementary and middle schools, that will teach students how
to avoid getting into trouble and how to behave if confronted by a policeman,
or anyone in authority. Make it mandatory for all teachers to attend seminars
to conform to the program without deviation when teaching the material in the
program. It is a start and not a cure all. In time, other programs should be
developed to show how adults should behave and the importance of a whole
family environment.

Contributed by George Giftos

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Ray Rowland said...

In the words of Winston Churchill, "If you're not a liberal by the age of 20, you have no heart, but if you're not a conservative by the age of 40, you have no brains".