Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Obama:  America’s No.1 Anti-Semantic
Elections have consequences, as evidenced by the election and re-election of one Barack Hussein Obama, for whom the English language is regarded as just so much silly putty under his total control, to re-shape, re-form and to do with as he wishes.  He has changed his name several times over the course of his career and so, changing the language is a piece of cake.
He alone, is permitted to form it into amorphous configurations according to his whim – and only he retains the omnipotent power to assign meanings and definitions.  In other words, our common, everyday usage, our Americanized-English, is no longer ours to use freely for the unambiguous expression of our thoughts and ideas.  The language has been confiscated, illegally commandeered and nationalized as the exclusive property of Dear Leader, to use in expressing his own interpretation and his own definitions of our linguistics.  His newly-minted definitions of traditional words & terms are contorted to suit his momentary PR needs.
Hence, we have the flagrant misuse use of the word ‘sequestration’ to mean that, if a set of impossible conditions were not met according to the recommendations of an Obama-appointed commission of well-meaning, former Government types, all with questionable expertise in the matters they were tasked to consider – the mandated consequence would be to cut in half, the budget for our military.   Of course, that is precisely what happened, precisely as it was engineered.
In the case of the Navy, it was nothing short of ‘Sea-Castration’.  In the case of the Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, it was nothing less than a crude but totally effective, ‘Emasculation’ of our national defense capability.   Obama won his battle of definitions, while our Armed Forces lost the basic tools without which, they were rendered helpless to carry out their assigned duty to protect and defend our sovereignty as a nation. Our first line of defense has been neutralized and we have been intentionally made vulnerable by the Commander-in-Chief.
In the tyrannical Obama Administration, words are morphed into turds.  Anti-Semanticism runs rampant in our Nation’s Capital.  And to date, no technology exists that permits even the most skilled academics, to polish a turd sufficiently that it may be acceptable in normal Society – much less the oppressive, Socialist society in which we are currently attempting to survive as a species.   May God have mercy on our Americanized-English language.

MORT KUFF     © 12-31-2014

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Bob Sagers said...

You can never believe what Obama says, you should always believe what he does, which, in many cases, is just the opposite of what he says. When he says, "Let me be clear", you know that he s trying to spin an untruth he has said previously. He is the most dishonest president we have ever had and still, his Zombies will continue to make excuses for him. As Chuck said in a previous piece, "You can't polish horse manure". Every time Obama opens his mouth, get your shovels out.