Sunday, January 4, 2015

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Peaceful Muslims & Violent Islamists working hard to take over and to dominate America.

Dozens upon dozens of outwardly peaceful Muslim & unabashedly anti-Semitic and anti-American, violence-prone Islamist organizations, all with benign, noble sounding names are hard at work in our country - banding together to strengthen and concentrate their stated objective, their only objective – that is, to take over and achieve total domination and complete political control of our entire United States Government.  They call it a Caliphate and try to snow the clueless among us that it is genuinely a religion of peace and that they simply want everyone to follow Allah. Right. They call it a Caliphate; I call it the end of Liberty, individual freedom and the free-enterprise system that has made us Americans what and who we are.  
Take a few moments, make an investment in learning about the real and present danger that could very well take your life and the lives of your loved ones.  I am deadly serious.  Google: ‘Muslim & Islamist Organizations in America’.  Take the time to read, digest and comprehend what they’re all about – that includes reading between the lines.  Despite the glowing terms in which  all these groups try to portray their goals as merely desiring to educate we non-believers (Infidels) and get us to better understand their earnest desire to peacefully integrate into American society – it is all a sham; all one big deception.  They lie.  They lie.  They lie!
They are all, each and every one,  certifiable fanatics who hate and despise us and what we stand for.  They are committed to the total destruction of our way of life by creating chaos and encroaching inch-by-inch and at every possible opportunity, to incrementally insinuate their lunatic ideology into every aspect of our lives.  Their ultimate objective is to make the United States of America into an Islamist-ruled slave state.  They intend to go about this systematically, by destroying our nation from the inside –using gullible us as useful idiots to destroy ourselves.   
Under the Muslim-born, Muslim-indoctrinated Barack Hussein Obama, the process is already under way. Now, don’t tell me you haven’t noticed.   And, puleeez don’t tell me that like Obama, you think that if we just act kindly toward these radical ideologues – it is possible that we can all live peacefully together.  You cannot be that naïve.  Well, you can but – one day you will wake up to find yourself a virtual slave to this Islamist lunacy – with all your protections gone – with no place to turn and no one to help.  Think it can’t happen?  Think it isn’t happening right here and right now?  Are you too busy?  Then don’t bother to inform yourself.   See ya!
MORT KUFF    © 1/3/2015

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John Volpe said...

Some liberals seem to think it is unfair to accuse Islam of being a violent religion. They point out to some of the peaceful passages in the 1st part the Koran, but always omit the 2nd part of the Koran that takes precedence over the 1st part. The 2nd part is the part that approves of men marrying children, okaying lying to the "infidels" (called Taqiyya), stoning to death of women and homosexuals, giving men the right to abuse women, and the right to kill all apostates. Islam really is not a religion, it is a theocratic political ideology that wants to impose itself on the rest of the world. Peaceful religion, hogwash!

George Giftos said...

For over 1380 years Islam has been a violent theocratic organization, calling itself a religion. A new messiah has suddenly appeared in Washington, that thinks that Christian compassion is, in six years,is able to disarm their mission to convert the world to a very sick ism.
All civilized nations should form a force to eliminate this scourge to humanity once and for all.
Allocate an isolated island to deport any survivors, and to sustain their nourishment, provide them with a herd of swine and hydrate them with alcoholic libation and hang a facimile evrywhere of Muhammad, to remind them why they are there.