Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Two Minute Warning Whistle

Sometimes I think I was born too early. Although many who preceded me
can probably say the same thing. We came before the technological age
of miracles, when we had to do many things by hand, the long way, to get
by and survive without the conveniences and entitlements of today.

Being first generation, having one foot in America and one foot out of
respect, in the heritage of my parents, was an additional step to contend
with. Having watched how they assimilate in their new home country, and
the thought of their fear and uncertainty and pride I have for their
fortitude that made it possible for me to be born American. They made it
without all the advantages society offers to everyone today, if you are willing
to exert the effort.

Their integrity, hard work and respect for the law in their new country set an
example for us to follow, that started when they applied to emigrate from their
birth land to here. It was their intent to partake, with humility, in the opportunities
America had to offer and leave behind the reasons they left.

It is not xenophobic or racist, to resent those who enter our country unlawfully
availing themselves of liberal freebies without assimilating into American society;
but wanting to change us into their culture and the tyranny they left behind.
Many bring unsavory baggage with them they refuse to confiscate, demanding,
instead of humble gratitude.

During my formidable years, I lived and experienced a great depression and a
world war that had influence in shaping the who and the why of me. Every penny
was prioritized for necessity; not for frivolity that plagues today's "me" generation.
There were few, if any toys, bicycles, sports gear or costly concerts and entertain-
ment, inducing creativity to fill our leisure time. We didn't consider ourselves
deprived or expect others to hand it to us. Slush funds were unheard of by families
in those days, because there was no extra money left over after putting food on the
table and clothing us, with much sacrifice in personal need for our parents.

Generations following mine roll their eyes when they hear or read anything that
sounds like what I write. A lot of manners, decency and respect has died, replaced
by greed, self absorption and indifference. It is disheartening when moral level is
lowered, to mimic those at the bottom rung of society, namely stoners and
promiscuous losers when it hits close to home. The collateral damage, often caused
 by uncontrolled progress.

Now, at my age, I hear the two minute warning whistle, and the game is nearly over
for me. I don't want to be the last man standing, because it has been too painful to
lose so many loved ones and dear friends. If I go into over time, there will be no one
left to say good-by.

Like the political question oft asked, "are you better off today than 6 years ago?" I
can give the same answer when comparing it from the time I saw my first light, even
with all the ups and downs, struggles, setbacks, joys and heartbreaks.....NO! That
 negative answer was induced by the President, who is hell bent on destroying tradition
through divisiveness. He was not raised in a traditional family and wants to even the
score. exacerbating the decline of our nation's moral fiber and Judeo/Christian values.

Even though we had so much less yesteryear, their was so much more in civility
and honesty when coping with the negatives. When God becomes an inconvenience
toward doing our own thing, our country is in trouble; but I hope to be able to leave
this life on a high note.

Conservative article by George Giftos

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Bob LeBlanc said...

What we are seeing is a degradation of our moralistic society into a hedonist society and the losers are all of us, including the anarchists. Gay marriage, legalizing recreational drug use, promoting unwed motherhood, disrespect for authority, and blatant lying by our elected officials (especially in the White House) are all contributing factors in our national decline. Unless we get a backbone and stand up for our values of liberty and freedom, we will become another Roman Empire. God bless our children and grandchildren.

watts said...

The rich and wealthy Democrats protect their kids yet when push came to shove, they want middle class kids to be surrounded by Thugs. The democrats enjoy the destruction of morals as long as they make money off it. The left are as ruthless as can be to maintain their position and destroy the Middle Class.

USClick said...

Once the new Democrats embrace the loss of morals and respect, there is no degeneracy from Palestinian suicide bombers to Occupy Movement rapes that they will not excuse under the right circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Today's young generation says they face lots of pressure in life starting from school, finding a job etc.. We didn't have the same problems? Maybe if the "Me" generation didn't fall hook, line and sinker for the Messiah, there would be more jobs.

X.T. said...

i agree with you, i know so many young people that hate going to places where old people are. Many younger kids show no respect for the elders, they don't even respond when they say good morning to you, they don't even open doors for them. I mean, seriously.

rhodesup said...

Just because you're 'young' doesn't mean you're allowed to, and supposed to be rude and lack morals. South Florida is becoming a pit of trashy people. Just go to many restaurants and see the lack of customer service. Many younger workers feel entitled and too good for the job. Mmmmmmm, wonder were they get that attitude from????

Dexter said...

The President is guilty of disobeying the US Constitution therefore that is misconduct and malfeasance with his office and should be impeached. Yet both parties let him ride. This sends a distinct message to our youth that rules don't matter.