Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What Are The Lies That Liberals Tell?

The old expression of “how can you tell a liberal is lying?” The answer is, “when his lips are moving”. Is that being harsh or fair? Well, let's look at the record to see if that is an over the top statement or a true assessment of their actions and rhetoric.

First off, it's almost a given that in every political contest between a liberal and a conservative (a/k/a and Republican), the liberal always accuses a conservative of being anti-woman (the phony “War on Women”), being racist, and always favoring the rich and ignoring the poor and middle class. They are just like a “Johnny one-note” and ever so predictable.

According to a liberal, a conservative wants to keep women down by depriving women of equal pay, abolishing the rights of women to an abortion, and banning contraceptives. Do they, in their heart of hearts, really think that, or is it just emotional political rhetoric directed at the “woman vote”? Are women that gullible or stupid to believe that? The Democrats seem to think so,as they keep repeating that charge over and over, especially to single women. Since 1972, when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal in Roe vs. Wade, has there ever been a concerted effort by the Republicans to overturn that Supreme Court decision? The answer is “NO”, even though some people, with strong religious feelings, think it is a form of infanticide and should be overturned. Even when the Republicans held the majority of Congress and the Presidency, no concerted effort to repeal was made. That's 42 years ago and counting.

As to the equal pay charge, that is also bogus. Since 1963 we've had on the books the Equal Pay Act, banning pay discrimination against women. So all those claims that conservatives (Republicans) don't want women to get equal pay is a bold face LIE. The same with the banning of the sale of contraceptives charge by the liberals. NO effort has been made to ban the distribution of contraceptives. Another LIE and counting.

The next LIE that liberals try to pass off as fact, is the charge that conservatives are racists. At almost every election, including this off-year election (2014), the liberals trot out ads directed at their most ardent voter base, the black and Latino base, telling them that they must get out to vote for the Democrat because voting for the Republican will mean that their civil rights will be taken away. These charges are made even though the Republican Party was the party freeing the slaves (Abraham Lincoln), integrating the segregated schools of the South (Eisenhower), and casting the decisive votes in Congress by passing the Civil Rights Acts in the 1960's. The ploy that Democrats use to appeal to the black and Latino communities is to offer them “freebies” from the public treasury. By doing that, the Democrats, instead of helping those communities, are actually keeping them on the Democrat “plantation” by making them dependent on the government for their livelihood. Those liberal LIES continued, even in this past election cycle.

Another egregious LIE perpetrated by the Democrats is that the Republicans are the party of the rich. Really? An anomaly is that most of the millionaires in the House and Senate are Democrats. Yet, they continually demonize the wealthy successful people even though President Obama and the Democrats attend $35,000 a plate fund raisers featuring those same wealthy Democrat fat-cats. That's the height of hypocrisy. Conservatives want to help the people to become successful and possibly become wealthy, by giving everyone a hand up rather than a handout. The Democrats want to foster the “re-distribution of income” by taking from the wealthy (the taxpayers) and giving to the many non-taxpayers, which is right out of the Karl Marx playbook.

There are many more instances of the use of LIES to further a political agenda on the part of the liberals, but these are the most blatant examples just enumerated. If the shoe fits liberals, wear it. Your verbosity, liberals, is exceeded only by your stupidity.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Ray Jacobson said...

Can you believe this charlatan in the White House can go on T.V. and blatantly lie with not an ounce of shame? He must think we are all stupid to believe most of what he says because his actions are diametrically opposed to what he says. And still his Obama Zombies will make excuse after excuse for him and then exclaim that his critics are racists, end of discussion. To the liberals I'd like to say, "Life's tough, but it's even tougher if your stupid.

Unknown said...

These truths should be the nails in the Liberal's coffin in 2016.
Also see Chuck's op-ed in yesterday's Canada Free Press for more nails.