Sunday, December 21, 2014

Twas the night before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not creature was stirring,

Not even the Louse.

The stockings were hung,

On the fireplace with care,

In hopes that jolly St. Sharpton,

Soon would be there.

When all of a sudden,

Wif a rattle and roar,

Down the chimney he came,

That little black whore.

He cursed and he blasphemed,

Taking Obama to task,

Where’d dat bum go?

He queried and axxed?

But Obama the chicken,

Had flown his White coop.

He was basking in Hawaii,

Wif his skin-colored female troop.

He was livin’ it up,

While Sharpton steamed.

Sharpy had come for free stuff,

And to partake of largess,

He knowed he wuz stood up,

And so, just to digress,

He went to the drawer,

Where the silver was kept,

And he filled up his sack,

‘Til nuffin wuz left.

It was then he turned,

And wif a wink of his eye,

He left through a window,

Without sayin’, ‘Goodbye’.

He got what he came for,

‘Twas sumpin’ for nuffin,

Paid for by sumbody else.

He jumped into his Limo,

A pink PimpMobile it wuz,

Stocked wif stolen booze,

And six tacky white HO’s.

As into the D.C. sky he arose,

Wif alla his White House loot,

He were heard to ‘exclaim’,

“Screw you Obama, all right?”

I be duh Pressydent, tonight.”

 MORT KUFF © 12-19-2014

Stories Liberals Tell: How Conservatives Can Win Back the Culture


The lowly Liberals have dominated the storytelling and culture making industries for some time now. So we ask how do Conservatives win back the hearts and minds of America? Find out with this Video, as Bill Whittle takes a look at what has made Leftie Hollywood such a success. Bill Whittle points to a path for the Right. Because, if we, real Americans, lose the culture for good, we will lose in the ballot boxes too.

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Ron Grimaldi said...

I think Obama should be compared to Rudolph, "The Brown-Nosed Reindeer". For 6 years, he has tried to impersonate being Santa Claus by giving away our tax money to the unwashed, "low information" voters in exchange for their votes. He succeeded twice, to our eternal regret. What a disgrace he has become - I guess with a comment like that, I'm considered a racist!

Cerrapone said...

Sharpton was one of the main Thugs pushing to attack Cops in recent months.
Since Sharpton is one of the most frequent bums meeting BO at the White House, would it be safe to say that BO and Sharpton have blood on their hands?