Wednesday, December 10, 2014

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Let’s do away with police uniforms, badges,   whistles, nightsticks, guns and radios.

U. S. Attorney General , who has resigned but, is still on the job and continuing to pervert our system of Justice – and who admits to being black and refers to all blacks, law-abiding or otherwise as ‘my people’, proves once again that he is on the side of Lawlessness & Disorder.  
He has announced that it is his intention to remove racial profiling from the tool kit of every policeman in the nation.  I suggest that he might as well remove the policeman’s uniform, badge, whistle, nightstick, notebook and gun, then handcuff his hands behind his back before sending him out on patrol to keep the peace.
This proposal to halt profiling skin color (That would often indicate ‘race’, wouldn’t it?) is sheer lunacy on the face of it.  How on Earth could one conduct a department that is designed to protect the citizenry from physical attack, if no description of a suspect can include such a vital bit of information as his skin color?  The suspect can easily change his clothing and do some quick fixes to alter his facial appearance but, he cannot change the color of his skin.
President Barack Hussein Obama, noted ‘Uniter & Peace Keeper’, has announced that for a mere $250+ million dollars, he’ll provide each policeman with a video camera to record the image of the thug who is charging at him with intent to kill.  Good move, Prez. U R sharp!
I’ve an idea that doesn’t cost a cent – not a red cent.  What would you think if instead of our policeman making any reference to skin color in his incident report, he refers to a black suspect as a Democrat or a white suspect as a Republican?  
That is, unless this kind of categorization might be offensive to Independents, illegal aliens, the Muslim Brotherhood or presidential advisor on race relations, the Rebberun Al Sharpton.

MORT KUFF   © 12-2-2014

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Sanctions for building homes in its own capital?
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1 comment:

Frank Parenti said...

I see where Attorney General Eric Holder is going to wage war on "profiling", now doesn't that make you feel safer? Since profiling is "evil", it's O.K. to continue to frisk grandma, but not a person from a Muslim country even though the chances are that the odds that the Muslim might be a terrorist and not the grandma, because that would be profiling? The same when reporting a crime in the paper by not mentioning the race of the perpetrator, whether he is white or black or hispanic. Wouldn't that designation be a pertinent fact in identification of the perp and it would save a lot of time and energy? See what kind of crap you get when you vote for someone because of race instead of content of character?