Thursday, October 23, 2014

Obama's Knuckleheads

The present state of the union under Obama-cracy has been shaped by the clueless and
 the obnoxious knowledge deficient generation.

Unattractive individuals of mind and body that hang out in places like Starbucks, South Beach,
neighborhood watering holes and other venues they deem rocking, hoping it will make them
look cool. Actually the aura they transmit is laughable, thinking tattoos, five-o'clock shadows,
tank tops and bare midriffs, body piercings, crotchy short-shorts, baggy pants worn
plumber-crack style and partaking in cannabis makes them a part of the "in" crowd.
Emulating worm brains like Paris Hilton and all the other so called beautiful people
doesn't cut it.

Never before are so many young people so screwed up. The finger can be pointed at many
causes, mainly the media, in many cases controlled by perverts, misuse of technology, the
decline of morality and traditional family, Judeo/Christian values and an attitude of entitlement.

A recent example is not that of a child in a dire environment, but that of a teen age girl who is
 suing her parents to financially support her while breaking the rules of the house in a profane
manner. The causes I mentioned above inter-wine, creating the undisciplined, selfish generation
 who will inherit our country's future.

The first lady Michelle Obama a, appearing on the Today Show with Jimmy Fallon, referred
 to them as knuckleheads. The same knuckleheads who helped tip the scale for her husband
 in two elections. I'm being unfair to worms, because they are actually useful, enriching the
soil in many ways as well as being bait, unlike the useless morons referenced above.

Not falling far from that tree are people I know who surprisingly are intelligent and caring,
 but they somehow want to distance themselves from facts and information pertinent to the
workings of government that effects their lives. Because of this they want me to limit my emails
with only fun stuff. Because of the unpleasant condition our country has been placed in by the
liberal faction running  the country, they tend to shy away from bad news.

There has to be another word other than complacent to describe this attitude. What happened
 in Europe  in the 30's and 40's is not so far fetched from happening again. Speakeasies and
 the Roaring  Twenties mirrored today's  atmosphere of 'duh', oblivious of the deterioration of
 the quality  of life around them.

If the breakdown of the traditional family; emphasis for the rights of a few at the expense of
the majority and the unborn; restricting and banning items in our diet, but endorsing recreational
 mind altering substances; political correctness to stifle freedom of expression and allowing
executive orders that bypass congressional authority and the Constitution to preserve their
warped little world is going to be the legacy of Obama-cracy, I don't want to be the last
man standing.

We will be stuck in the mire again if the aforementioned dominate the poles in 2014 and 2016.
And the beat goes on!

Conservative article by George Giftos

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Ray Carbone said...

Suppose you ran a business and you needed a CFO (Chief Financial Officer), and Barack Hussein Obama applied for the job, would you hire him? Maybe if you had a screw loose and wanted to ruin the company? But, here he is running (or should it be ruining) the U.S economy, not knowing his ass from a hole in the ground. Thank you liberal knuckleheads foe electing this P.O.S. in the White House.