Sunday, October 5, 2014

Caution, Dangerous Driver

The greatest danger our country must cope with is Barack Hussein Obama.
His presidency has turned out to be a mockery of constitutional law, creating
nearly six years of blunder and scandal, because he is faking it; not having a
clue how to lead a country; let alone the greatest nation the world has ever
known in our period of time.

When I hear the President speak, or listen to his lackey butt smoochers,
I wonder if I'm living on the same planet as does the unemployed, or even
the ones lucky to still have a job, who see their payroll stub dwindling and
their hours cut to part time, and employee health plans eliminated,
or in dishevel with increased contributions and astronomical co-pays.
Career Armed Forces members pink-slipped in the battlefield, and a family
mourning their hero breadwinner who passed away because VA government
union member employees fudged quotas in the appointment calendar, so as
to benefit hefty bonuses.

In order to maintain and build on the Democrat voter base, poor minorities,
especially in the black community, are being cheated from conquering their
plight of poverty, because the liberal machine once in awhile, will throw them
a bone to chew on, telling them they don't have to work, because there's
more bones to throw at them as long as they have their vote.

On the planet I live on, I expect my leader to prioritize moral priorities that
stresses the importance of the traditional family. The President has one; but
 he and the First Lady have been mute about the 70% single parent
households  in the black community lacking a father and husband.

What happens in our community is trickled down from the top. Local news
sources often fail to tie national events with effect and influence it has on our
 immediate world. Every country has a border and check points at these
borders are for orderly passage between nations. The law as written is not
 carried out, because it is in conflict with this president's ideology. His lackeys
 will argue, he has issued fewer executive orders than any of his predecessors.
It is not quantity but substance that differentiates them. Many of his executive
orders are rewriting the legislation passed by Congress. For a former Harvard
Law School student under the tutelage of constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe,
and he was supposedly a law professor at University of Chicago, you'd think
 he should know better.

But alas, when you consider the shady, radical, subversive company he
associated with and who mentored him on his way up, you shouldn't be
surprised. Almost everything he stands for is a collage of poor judgment and
 those he picked who surround and advise him are an extension of his poor
 judgment. Giving the keys to the family sedan to your teenager without
instruction is irresponsible and dangerous. Voting into office an inexperienced
community  organizer by low informed citizens was irresponsible.

This makes the man behind the wheel, steering our country dangerous!

 Conservative article by George Giftos

The George Giftos bio:

Service: U.S. Air Force
Retired travel agency executive.
In management for agencies by
Fugazy World Travel
U.S. Industries
Carlson Companies 

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1 comment:

Jack Klein said...

President Obama is so dishonest, that you can't even believe what he says are lies. If making campaign speeches was an Olympic sport, he would win the gold medal running away. And to think there are people who would fall on a sword for him, as he muddles through his term making mistake after mistake, is unbelievable. You can correct ignorance, but you can't fix stupid.