Sunday, October 12, 2014

MORT's meanderings

Obama is incapable of telling the truth and he has no compunction about lying. He will never accept even a smidgeon of responsibility or blame for either his rhetoric or his actions.  He will instantly claim personal credit for every success,  whether he earned it or not.  He can never be trusted.  He is a charlatan.  GOT IT?
This is the way he was raised; this is the way he was taught; this is the way he was indoctrinated; this is the way he has lived his life; he is physiologically incapable of change. He is a cowardly lion. He is well aware that he has no aptitude for leadership; he is a dyed-in-the-wool bully; a control freak and a classic Narcissist who can only function when he has the upper hand.  He cannot abide an opposing viewpoint. Is this a trash bag that is overflowing with fatal flaws, or what?  
He is a Muslim who follows the Quran's instructions to the letter, when it comes to deception and lying in order to gain a political objective, to protect himself or to further the concept of Islam's commitment to achieve domination over the entire world.  That is why he will never stand against Islam, regardless of how viscous or violent the radical elements (Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, ISIS, etc) become, what atrocities they commit or what disgusting, inhuman acts they perform.
This is our President?  Plus, he has larded every nook and cranny of our Federal Government with incompetent toadies who reflect his failed policies and fully support his warped viewpoints.  I guess it could be said that, as a nation, we are being Pied Piped off a very steep cliff by this failed fanatic.
MORT KUFF   ©  8-13-2014

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Lou Plante said...

Obama is about as useless as a windshield wiper on a goats ass, and still his Zombies will fall on a sword to protect him. So sad.