Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Arab League vows to never recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

Well, la-de-da.  Who gives a damn?  As if anyone could believe that such recognition even if it were declared, was anything but a political ploy to gain advantage in a sham negotiation - with never any intention of actually  recognizing Israel's right to exist. Look up the Islamist term, 'taqiyya'.
More to the point, Israel should declare that the true descendants of pigs and apes, meaning the blood-thirsty maniacs of the Islamic Arab states in the Middle East, should never be recognized as belonging to the civilized human race.  And further, that they should be driven back into the barren deserts of the Arabian peninsula to roam for the next millennium with only their smelly camels, scorpions and their own lunacy for company.
One cannot deal rationally with irrational people.  And, there are no more irrational people than the radical followers of Islam.  To expect anything other than the deceit and violent behavior that Israel's neighbors have displayed since Israel became a sovereign state in 1948, is to fool oneself into unrealistic expectations. The thousands upon thousands of rockets and missiles lobbed into Israel by the Taliban, Hamas and the other 'peace-loving peoples of Islam', attest to their sincere desire to get along like good neighbors.  Wishful thinking that this mentality will change, is suicidal.

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Izzy Ginsberg said...

With Jewish friends like Robert Wexler, Ted Deutch, Debbie Wasserman-Schmutz and the J Street loons, Israel doesn't need enemies.