Sunday, April 13, 2014

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Principled Members of Congress:
      Where the Hell are you?
Am I the only one in America who is totally outraged at this  President-Gone-Wild who is giving away our possessions and assets, none of which belong to him and none of which he has any right to be giving away - particularly to our arch enemies that have sworn to kill us?  This is sheer lunacy!
Alaskan islands, control of the internet, military hardware, national security secrets?  It is obvious that Obama intends to bring the USA to its knees by opening wide, the doors to all our secrets and tangible assets - come one, come all - no charge.  We're all wrong; the thug nations of the world are all right.  How senseless can it get?
Isn't there one man among you in the Congress of the United States, who will stand up and scream about this awful, unconscionable behavior by this nation's traitorous president?
No candidate for the Congress in the upcoming mid-term election should be considered by the voters, if he or she hasn't taken action or at least, taken a strong stand against Obama's ruinous give-away policies.  
It takes real courage to take a stand in opposition to a sitting president, even a lame duck president but, how can any candidate in good conscious, fail to do so on this critical issue at this critical time?

MORT KUFF  © 4-11-2014

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