Thursday, April 3, 2014

Maxed Out

After all the scandalous events and incidents, it wouldn't be a
stretch to suspect the White House issued a directive to the
shutdown enforcers, to make it as unpleasantly hard and
inconvenient for the public until it hurts. Then contact their
media friends to demonize Republicans and Tea Party so as
 to make it look like they are the heavies and small government
 is evil.

The GOP will lose this battle for the people if they don't get
their act together and quit fighting among themselves. "If a
house is divided against itself, that house will not be able
to stand".....MARK 3:25

Explaining this administration's economic posture and increasing
the debt ceiling in simple terms; it is like going to the boss
and demanding he give you a raise, because you bought a bunch
of stuff that maxed out your credit card, and you just got your
statement to pay it off by the 17th, or the electricity will
be turned off, your automobile will be repossessed, phone
service shut out along with cable and Internet connection;
also facing eviction.

With a temporary fix put in by the clowns in Washington to meet
our obligations, they gave the head Bozzo time to tend to other
spending projects such as immigration reform that if done his
way, will increase government assistance by any where from ten
to thirty million more democrat voters on the dole. In order to
be able to give you a raise, the boss has to increase the price
of doing business to cover it.

Guess who always gets stuck with the bill in the end?

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Phil Vacca said...

Wasn't it former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who said,"Socialism works until it runs out of other peoples money". Why can't Liberals get that through their thick skulls that we must live within our means or we will become the United States of Europe. Maybe that's what they really want?