Thursday, March 13, 2014

MORT's meandering

Senate & House Republicans
It might just have escaped your notice, busy-busy people that you are but, there are those among you who have and who are enabling Obama to destroy this nation in every way possible.  Had you noticed?  Were you aware of that?
Have you talked with any of your constituents and asked them how they feel about your cave-in votes to take our economy over the cliff?     Do you care to know?
Is the inexcusable treatment of our armed forces and our veterans - or the totally traitorous abandonment of national security along our borders of any interest to you?
Do you believe that no one is watching or that no one cares?  Are you of the opinion that the Republican leadership in both houses is adhering strictly to the Conservative principles upon which the GOP is based and they are quite comfortable that they are faithfully standing by their sworn oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America?  Does this factor at all into your voting decisions?  
Do you give a damn about where you've permitted Obama and his anti-American administration to lead us?  Or - and please forgive me if this question is simply too uncomfortable for you to answer - but, which do you now consider to be your top priority - - the future of this nation? - - or, your own political future?   Can you be honest about this?
Frankly my dears, I don't expect any answers, much less honest ones - - but, you should know that if you can't or won't answer these questions in your own heart, with your own conscience as your guide - you can expect the voters who put you in the seat you are warming - to boot you out on your asses in November 2014.
That's a promise.  Principled American people, many of whom are Tea Party patriots  who love the Constitution and America as it was conceived, will not hesitate to let you know how they feel, in terms you can readily understand.    Wake up (R)s !
MORT KUFF  © 2-15-2014

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Robert Rouse said...

I'd also like to ask the Republicans if they want to try to convince Democrats to think like they do, that that attempt would just be an exercise in utter futility? Whenever Democrats give Republicans advice as to how to appeal to voters and win elections, the old expression of beware of Greeks bearing strange gifts comes to mind. If Republicans stand for nothing they will fall for anything. You can't engage the Democrats in battle by using the "Marquis of Queensbury" rules of fighting when the Democrats are kicking you in the gonads. Get a set of cajones Republicans, or keep on losing elections.

George G said...

Unbendable mighty oaks can snap in a strong wind. Going into battle without a solid plan, but just emotion is like a jihadist suicide bomber. Smart politics requires compromise appropriately
so they won't suffer another defeat that they contributed to by spite in the last election. Team work wins, not primadannas.
Sometimes you have to prostitute your ideals in order to stay in the game and gain control of the reins.