Thursday, March 27, 2014

MORT's meandinerings

What nerve!  Can you just imagine the nerve of South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, co-sponsoring a bill named,  'Enforce the Law Act', that requires the President of the United States to 'follow the law'?   It was just passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.  What nerve!
This so enraged our 'Dear Leader' that he announced he will veto it, if ever gets to his desk.  Well, small chance of that happening, since the most-corrupt-Democrat in the history of the U.S. Congress, Dingy-Dirty Harry Reid, is currently the majority leader in the U.S. Senate.  He sets the agenda and there's no way he would ever let this bill come to the floor for a vote.  
So, not to worry President Barack Hussein Obama, you are the nation's first Black Muslim President and you have a pen and you have a phone.  You also have the power to sign 'Executive Orders' that permit you to skip the inconvenience of consulting with the Congress in order to implement your hair-brained schemes calculated to resolve very real but, terribly inconvenient problems.  So, the security, economic stability, individual freedoms and very survival of our nation and our traditional American way of life are at stake.  So what?  It isn't as if any of this will affect your golf game or intrude upon your busy schedule of luxurious family vacations, abroad.  Priorities man, priorities.
The fact that the Legislature is also an equal in the 3-branch system of our Federal Government, shouldn't bother you either - anymore than the Constitutionality  of your Executive Orders should give you pause.   After all, being the first Black Muslim president and Santa Clause-in-Chief to the hardly-working Something-for-Nothing Crowd, does grant you special privileges no other President has ever enjoyed. Let's face it, none of your predecessors had your 'smarts', your inexperience, your chutzpa or, your direct connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.  No other president has basked in the lowest approval-highest disapproval polls as you have.  None of them.  But, to quote your good friend, Her Royal Thickness, Hillary :-  "What difference - at this point, does it make?"
So, go gettem, 'Dear Leader'.  They can't touch you.  You are Teflon.  Call out your personal Homeland Security Army with their hoarded, billions of rounds of ammo.  Call out your battalion of enablers; your legion of appointed Czars.  Call out your loyal, Liberal-Progressive Democrats and Socialist thugs.  Call out your hand-picked sexual deviates, fruits, nuts & weirdos you appointed to run our national security agencies.  Call out the fund-raisers.  Call all our former enemies, each of whom has realized by now, that he has nothing to fear from America's paper pussy cat. Each is laughing in your face at your cowardice and weakness as he makes his way to our Pentagon and Treasury Department to claim his Freebees-of-the-Day Specials.  You've got it made, Dude.
If a STD doesn't getcha or Michele doesn't ketchya - eventually, God will.  And Moe Hammid can't help you.  But, I kinda think that Trey Gowdy isn't going to let you off the hook.  I can't wait to hear how Judge Jeanine reports Sarah Palin's commentary when you fall on your Allahu Akbar face.
Cheers. 'Great One'.
MORT KUFF  © 3-14-2014

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