Sunday, March 2, 2014

Today is not the 1930's

There is a difference between today's recipients of government assistance
and the ones I witnessed in my youth who were on relief during the 1930's.
My first hand experience was urban and not second hand reading, about
the plight suffered by those trapped in the dust bowls of our country.

We were in a deep depression and from what I remember, although my
family as well as so many others, were not in dire straights, but on the
 cusp  of government support, and never a part of it because of pride,
 dignity and ethic. The truly destitute were in desperate need, and only
 a few unqualified schemers ever thought of working the system to cheat
 the government and the needy out of their portion, grabbing what was
 not due them.

Recipients of the bare necessities for survival, didn't demand or claim
society owed them. They were humble and grateful, not entitled.

If a true assessment was to be made at the present state of giveaways,
I know it will show a disproportionate of the populous are not qualified
to meet the criteria of the '30s, because many fit the description of
dead beats and foreigners residing in the states who entered illegally,
availing themselves of our infrastructure and welfare system.

I heard and encountered cases where individuals with incomes above
poverty level, boasted about playing the system to acquire Obama phones,
 food stamps, subsidies and other freebies.

I'm aware there are truly needy people due to circumstance who don't
require my apology, knowing my criticism isn't directed toward them.
It is acknowledgment of their needs for private and government assistance,
but as most government programs, they end up going beyond original
purpose, adding politic goodies, expanding budgets and taxes unnecessarily.

President Barack Obama's changing America is a doomed experiment
 falling by the wayside as did other forms of unbenevolent societies. He goes
 about like Typhoid Mary, unaware of the contamination and destruction his
ideology is causing. If he is not restrained, the middle class will perish.

As a young lad, I could hardly wait for the future. It held unimaginable
fascination and hope. For me, the future has come and it is now. Because
of who we entusted it with, I don't like it!

Many will say I'm an angry old man and they will be right! I am angry to see
what my beloved country is turning into.

Conservative commentary by George Giftos

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