Sunday, March 16, 2014

Are The Koch Brothers Evil Incarnate?

Many people don’t know who the Koch Bros. (pronounced “COKE”) are and why they get the liberals panties all twisted and knotted up upon the mention of their name? If their names are mentioned in the main stream media and by Democrats (mostly one in the same), you’d think that these brothers were people that should be in jail and that they are un-American to boot (according to Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid). What crimes or dastardly acts did these brothers commit to bring such condemnation down upon themselves?

Well, the fact that they are big donors to the Republican Party seems to be their greatest “sin” in life. God forbid (is it alright to use God in this context?) anybody gives money to the “evil” Republicans. What greater “sin” could anyone commit?

Yes, the Koch Bros. are big contributors to Republican and Conservative (and Libertarian) groups and causes, but isn’t that largesse to Republicans and Conservatives allowed under our Constitution and by Supreme Court decisions? All this vitriol and vituperation by the media and the Democrats about political donations by the Koch’s is bad, but donations by the unions, George Soros, Peter Lewis (owner of Progressive Insurance) are all well and good as they provide funds to the Democrats or other left-wing groups and causes. Is this not a blatant example of gross hypocrisy?

Let’s take a look at those “evil” Koch Bros. to see how “evil” they are. The brothers own Koch Industries (the 2nd largest privately owned company in the U.S.). The company employs 67,000 workers who rely on the Koch brothers for their livelihoods. The company generates $100 billion in revenue. In other words, they are extremely wealthy brothers who are responsible for the lives of many thousands of people whom they employ at above average wages. Is that ”evil”, but billionaires Soros and Lewis are pure and honorable in contrast to the Koch’s?

In a recent study, the Koch Bros. political contributions were 59th on the list of the biggest political contributors (both Democratic and Republican). The biggest political contributors were the trade unions and government employee unions (95% of those donations went to the Democrats). If that’s the case, why then the fear on the part of the left when it comes to the Koch brothers? Could it be that they have been very effective about who they support?

In addition to their political contributions, the Koch Bros. have contributed many, many millions of dollars to the following groups and organizations. Here are just a few: The Salvation Army; George Mason Univ.; the Manhattan Institute; the Univ. of Chicago; the Smithsonian Museum; the Young America Foundation; Utah State Univ.; the Pacific Legal Foundation; the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; the American Ballet Theater in Lincoln Center in N.Y.C.; and that liberal bastion of thought, Columbia Univ. etc., etc., etc. Does that sound like “evil” donations to you?

On the other hand, the Koch naysayer’s, the media and the Democrats, venerate a self- admitted Nazi sympathizer during W.W. 11, George Soros, who has financed many left-wing groups and Democrats. In fact, during the presidential election of 2004, Soros spent close to $26 million of his own money to try to defeat George W. Bush (it failed). Here are some of the groups that Soros has funded: N.O.W. (Natl. Organization of Women); the Feminist Majority; Human Rights Watch; Move On .Org.; Planned Parenthood; etc., etc., etc. How come those donations to these groups aren’t considered “evil” like the Koch Bros. donations? Who are the real “evil” incarnates? Could it be the Democrats?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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The Tark said...

Why do the fascists, aka Democrats vilify people who represent the greatness of America? It is time the Obama Zombies stop demonizing people who do things the right way and generate tremendous wealth and value to all Americans. We need more entrepreneurs and get back to real Capitalism, not this soft tyranny.

steelpiper said...

America is better off with the Koch brothers & their businesses in our Country. Instead the majority supported the re-election of a Community Organizer who dislikes America. The true hypocrites that they are, the progressives saw B. Hussein Obama was the recipient of the most money from big business in 2008 & 2012. That is okay as long as someone plans to destroy the USA?

Marvin Schrader said...

One of the biggest benefactors of the Democrats is George Soros, a convicted money manipulator who has tried to bring down the national currencies in a few counties. He also was a collaborator with the Nazi's in his native Hungary during WW 11. Knowing all this, the Democrats welcome him with open arms and accept his donations with glee. These are the same people who condemn the Koch Bros. for donating to many charities and to the Republican Party at the same time. For this they are vilified and George Soros is venerated. The Democrats have no scruples.

George G said...

Getting this point across to liberals is futile because you cannot penetrate the walls of ignorance.