Sunday, February 23, 2014

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Damned Fools R us.
At the precise moment a majority of myopic voters elected Blarrack Hussein Obama as the President of the United States, it signaled the beginning-of-the-end for the Liberty and individual freedoms of every citizen living in this nation.
The Democrat Progressives who had been salivating to resuscitate the many-times failed ideologies of Socialism since Woodrow Wilson was a pup, enabled by the clueless & careless Something-for-Nothing crowd - had finally elected their first black president. Well, not exactly black but, close enough for Government work.  
Blarrack Hussein Obama, a one-term U.S. Senator from the streets of Corruption City (Chicago) was woefully inexperienced , without any practical experience other than street thuggery, bereft of any meaningful accomplishment as either a State or U.S. Senator, he was embarrassingly unqualified to serve in public office.  But, he was a nice-looking, coffee-colored chap, born outside the USA of a white American mother and a black Kenyan father.  So, while he had an undistinguished record, he looked good, had an engaging smile and he spoke well.
Obama was raised in the Muslim  world and thoroughly indoctrinated as a student of Islam.  But so what?  In the minds of the clueless & careless, he had all the necessary  qualifications to be the first 'Black President' and that's what mattered.  And, he had promised, 'Hope & Change'. While he never bothered to explain what that would mean, his enablers rightly presumed that it meant he would bring about some kind of long-awaited retribution for all the insults and wrongs done to black people in this country.
Finally, payback for African Americans - going back to the days when African Muslims sold blacks to slave traders who crammed them into sailing ships, delivered them to the shores of America and into the hands of slave traders in our Southern states.  Payback at last!  Payback at last!  Payback at last!
Well, it didn't exactly work out that way for the rest of America. What we damned fools had elected, was a despotic, ego-centric, classic Narcissist with delusions of grandeur, committed to bringing this nation to its knees and reconstituting it to a system of anarchy that ignores the intent of the nation's Founders.  And also, totally ignores the Constitution those Founders provided us as a guide for a civilized people, to live in a free society.    Thanks, myopic voters.  Can you see him now?
MORT KUFF © 2-22-2014

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