Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cart Before the Horse

Putting the cart before the horse may avoid rolling over the manure, but the crap is still in the
street waiting to be picked up.

President Obama chose to make the Affordable Care act his signature legacy and tackle it first,
ignoring the economy that effects us all.

Working to improve the financial structure of the individual by passing legislation, to make
job creation for small business and incentives for big business, to keep jobs here would have
presented a much different picture on the outlook to access health security acquisition.

We wouldn't be talking about 30 million uninsured. Instead of working to solve that problem,
he and his advisers has blown it to be problematic for every American. Twenty five hundred
pages of Obamacare gobble-d-goop could have been reduced to a couple of dozen.

Barack Obama's approach is a perfect example of mismanagement. To improve some elements
in health care insurance and put some providers to task has created vast, unnecessary
collateral damage to millions of Americans, in order to placate the liberal voter base.

Obamacare is turning out to be the president's Edsel!

Conservative article from George Giftos


The "Jane Fonda Obama" Video

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