Sunday, February 2, 2014


Most of main stream media is acknowledged to be sympathetic toward liberals,
as detected in their deceptive syntax when interpreting fact and reporting news.

In 1942, Jimmy Doolittle formed a squadron of B-25s, assigned to bring the war
to Japan, by leading them on a bombing raid over Tokyo. When most of the crews
returned, it was "Mission Accomplished." It was not the whole megillah ending
the war in the Pacific!

When President George W. Bush landed on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln,
on its returned from deployment in the Gulf, it was to honor the sailors and
marines for accomplishing the mission assigned to them. The "Mission Accomplished"
banner depicted our thanks and gratitude for their sacrifices. It didn't reflect
the end of our fight against terrorism. Seeing the Commander-in- Chief arriving
on the flight deck was a morale booster for the Navy and Marine Corps personnel
as well as the nation, as did the Jimmy Doolittle raid over Tokyo!

It should have ended there, but all of a sudden the patriot buzz stopped when the
Liberal buzz took over, realizing Bush and conservatives were gaining points. It
no longer mattered that most of congress and the world thought Saddam Hussein had
weapons of mass destruction. The campaign to discredit the president and call him
a liar started in earnest, led by the main streams and even the lefties in congress
who voted for the intervention in Iraq.

This main stream media helped elect a black white knight to save the country from
destruction, not realizing his promise to put out the fire was with kerosene. They
have been very slow recognizing that their man they helped put in office is the real
unmitigated liar they chose to save us from the one they wrongfully accused of lying.

From the beginning, the new kid on the block gained momentum in reporting news
with fact, creating a problem for business as usual by the current administration and
its media allies. Their tactic to remove the thorn from what use to be their territory,
is creating mythical circumstances and aiming their venom tipped discredibility arrows
at their nemesis FOX NEWS, in hope to sway the uninformed back into their fold.

The alphabet broadcast media are pissed (irritated) by Fox for reporting everything,
whereas they are selective in choosing what is to be aired, in order to coincide with
the liberal slant and friendly bias toward the Obama administration. There are some
honest liberal journalists employed by them who have and are bailing out and alighting
on Fox, making Fox the only three dimensional source for news.

Conservative commentary from George Giftos

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