Sunday, February 9, 2014

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Rabbi Bruce Warshal Publisher emeritus of the Florida Jewish Journal,    
will leave an indelible stain of arrogance.

When Rabbi Warshal bites the dust as sooner or later, we all must, he will leave a tiny but welcome void in the pages of South Florida Jewish journalism.  Warshal, an inveterate,  dabbling dilettante  with delusions of editorial grandeur, who hilariously anointed himself with the sobriquet, 'Emeritus', has long since, passed  way beyond his 'use-by' date.  

In a spin worthy of (the 'articulate but clean, according to VP Joe Biden) President Barack Hussein Obama,  Warshal  stated that the Jewish Journal - the nation's largest Jewish weekly - does not take sides and said his opinions on Sharon were his own.  That statement, coming from this ultra-leftist, long-time Lib-Progressive, bomb-throwing Rabbi, is as classic a piece of blatant hypocrisy as it would be possible to find anywhere on Earth.

In the Sunday (1-12-2014) edition of the SunSentinel, Shani McManus (The Jewish Journal's 'Senior Writer for more than a decade') wrote of the passing of Israeli icon, Ariel Sharon, using copious quotes from Rabbi Emeritus.  Miz McManus reported Warshal as likening Sharon to controversial U.S. General George Patton: "brilliant but reckless."  One wonders at what precise point in time did the self-esteemed Publisher Emeritus Rabbi Warshal become in his own mind, Mr. Military Expert Emeritus?  

Warshal's views on the life and times of Ariel Sharon are lugubriously ludicrous.  His notions about Sharon's policies regarding the so-called Palestinians, are 180 degrees apart from those of the late, former Prime Minister of Israel.  As opposed to a brief flyover of Israel by Warshal (maybe he stayed a day or two), Sharon had the job of dealing with a sworn enemy of his country on a daily basis - that would be 24/7.  And yet, General Genius Warshal has the chutzpah to make this statement about Sharon -   "He never understood their (the Palestine} narrative.  When you don't respect the narrative, you don't have peace."

Warshal is a pretentious, faux (foe) supporter of the Jewish State of Israel, who is totally committed to all things Palestinian - swallowing their  'narrative', hook, line & sinker.  
Rave on, o mighty sage-emertius of the largest Jewish weekly in the nation,  Rave on.
Your time has come and gone.  You will be remembered by some as a 'has been' and by others, as a 'never was'.  So, when you finally put down your pen that dripped 'tripe & hype', it is for certain that you will leave an indelible stain on Jewish Journalism  - a stain of arrogance.  You can take some comfort however, in knowing how much you loved you.                                   
MORT KUFF  © 1-12-2014

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Larry Cutler said...

With friends like Rabbi Warshal, J Street, and the Jewish apologists for the Palestinians, the Israeli's don't need more enemies. It amazes me that the big Jewish population here in So. Florida still gives Our "Liar in Chief" the support that only a "Zombie" could give. They must be gluttons for punishment.