Monday, January 27, 2014

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Legacy of an Illegitimate Alien.
Despite the lowest approval rating on record for a sitting president of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, a shining legend in his own mind, will continue to add to his legacy as. 'The likeable Muslim who destroyed our Liberty and our American way of life'.
How smart are we as a people, when we offer ourselves up as literal slaves to an intransigent, despotic tyrant who was elected by a majority of totally clueless, glassy-eyed voters?  Obama was propelled into office by a huge 'Something-for-Nothing' crowd of slugs who fell hook, line & sinker for his 'Hope & Change' load of horse manure.  What that brought us as a result, was a Tsunami of racism, regulation, taxation, out-of-control  lawlessness, divisiveness, deception and irresponsible spending such as we've never experienced in the history of our country.  And worse yet, there have been no accompanying positives that would serve to ameliorate the never-ending litany of disasters.  Nothing.  Nada.
Over a period of the last five years, we've been treated to a non-stop series of broken promises plus intentional, outright lies by a president with absolutely no qualifications for the job.  At the outset, he dropped an opaque shroud of secrecy over all his records - from his birth, to his education, to his family history and his intimate associations with a wide spectrum of society's most undesirables.
If the disaster that is ObamaCare is the crown jewel of his legacy, what can we possibly look forward to as a beacon to guide us into the future as a nation and as a people?  The answer eludes me but, I'm certain it won't be easy, or fun.
                                                                                      MORT KUFF   © 12-31-2013

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Ron Grimaldi said...

One of the sad signs of the Obama presidency is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and have canonized those who complain. Ignorance is no excuse, but in his case it's the real thing.