Thursday, January 23, 2014

2016 Battle of the Tubbies

It would appear the greatest State Department diplomatic accomplishment the past
four years was the international caloric effect it had on Hillary Clinton, prancing
the world, attending state dinners on behalf of our country. What an unselfish
service and sacrifice to her waist line to make.

It is almost a given she will be her party's nominee in 2016, and if New Jersey's
Governor Chris Christie follows suit for his party, it will be a fight of the TUBBIES.
Whoever her opponent will be, he or she will have to deal with her P.R. firms NBC
and CNN, who were preparing the propaganda machine in a mini series and
documentary, to supplement their so called unbiased reporting, but circumstance
deterred fruition, although still remaining in competition with the other mainstream
media to crown her.

Of course knowledge of the Dragon Lady's questionable dealings in the past will be
omitted to preserve the distorted image they will attempt to present, hiding the
self-serving, extraordinarily ambitious, power hungry creature.

Her unfiltered past must be delved into deeper in order to preserve the nation from
another pending disaster as we are being confronted with by the present

To counter the romance novels mainstream media plans to publish as non fiction, a
way must be found to list the certain to be omission of events during her tenure with
the Rose law firm; White Water dealings, Vince Foster's highly problematic death
and removal of files from his office by Bernard Nusssbaum, chief White House
counsel, and given to her chief of staff, Margaret Williams to hide.

Derelict investigation of an unprecedented $1,000.00 cattle futures investment netting
her almost $100,000.00 in a short time, Filegate...unauthorized use of FBI files,
firing the travel office, etc. There are many more events that have to be regurgitated,
like the China connection and the sale of the Lincoln bedroom and Air Force One and
any part she may have played in them to see the true picture of Hillary Clinton,
as well as names from the past that include Jim and Susan McDougal, Webster Hubbell,
Jim Guy Tucker, Marc Rich. You may not have agreed with the agendas of past presidents,
but except for a few, most put country first. Hillary's record if she runs is clearly
self evident it will be all about her and not for the good of the people and country.
Compare the weight of the Clinton wallet before they entered the national scene with
today's weight. You may ask, "but at this point, what difference does it make?"

Ask them who have encountered the dirty end of the stick she handed them. Especially
the families of the four who died in Benghazi!

The recent disclosure of the Fort Lee, George Washington Bridge deliberate traffic
snarl, has all the mainstream media news rooms and their cable affiliations wearing bibs
to protect them from their salivating.

It is perfectly permissible to refer to Gov. Christie as being fat, but I anticipate
crucifixion For referring to the Dragon Lady's voluptuous physique as dumpy and at
times, looking like a bag lady. Double standard is a liberal standard, and a
conservative sin.

Conservative article from George Giftos

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Franklin Rose said...

It the liberals didn't have any double standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all.