Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Questions to Ponder

We have all heard the falsehoods we were told about Obamacare. But here are some additional questions to ponder:

·       If the economy is as vibrant as Obama claims, why do we need still another extension of unemployment insurance benefits?

·       If Obama was going to get “to the bottom of the IRS scandal” how come he appointed an individual, Barbara Bosserman, who is a significant contributor to Obama and other Democrats, to serve as an “independent” investigator?

·       If Obama is as smart and savvy as liberals say, why has he fostered policies that has increased disability dependents by 22% since 2008 resulting in the Social Security Board of Trustees saying a portion of the program will run out of funds to pay promised benefits by 2016?

·      How can the GOP be the party of the rich when the richest populous is Fall Church, VA where the average income is $121,250 a year, seven of the 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats, and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid resides at the Ritz?

·       If Obama’s economic policies are sound as the media claims, how come the number of people who have left the labor force has jumped by 10 million since Obama took office and 91.5 million Americans are not working at all?

·       We were told by Obama and Unions that the taxpayers would not be hurt by the bailout of GM and Chrysler.  Then why have we lost $10 billion in the GM bailout and $1.3 billion in the Chrysler bailout?

·       Electricity prices have increased by more than 20% since Obama has been in office despite massive spending on “green energy.”  Could the reason by massive overregulation by the EPA and other government agencies?

·      Obama consistently talks about tax fairness.  Isn’t it curious that According to the Tax Foundation the bottom half of income tax filers paid 36% more in taxes in 2011 than they did in 2010 even though their income did not increase and yet the top 1 shouldered 35% of the tax burden although their share of income was less than 19%.

Conservative commentary by Jim Pirretti


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Artie Hein said...

Why is it that the main stream media has devoted ten times more coverage to the N.J. traffic tie-up (and Gov. Christie) than to Benghazi or the I.R.S. harassment of conservative groups? Doesn't that smell like a double-standard by the media as their bias against Conservatives and Republicans is now so plain to see, but they're blinded to the facts by their loony liberal ideology?