Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Great Manipulator

I'm fed up with the President's semantic manipulation of the English language!
The 1925 Geneva Protocol banned the use of chemical and biological weapons
but did not prohibit the development, production or transfer of such weapons.
It reserved the right of the signatories to retaliate in kind if another state
 used chemical weapons first.

Nowhere in the protocol does the words, "Red Line" appear. These words
 are of his invention in his mind, to make him appear tough and the protector
of his United States. Adolescent playground threats of don't cross the line
 or else. Only his 'or else' never comes, because they are just words with
no action left at the 19th hole with all the rest of his promises.

All of the so called world community he thought he charmed, left him high
and dry and out on a limb, so trying to distance himself from his red line he
 is  saying to his unfriendly friends that the red line was drawn back in 1925;
the line that doesn't appear in the protocol.

Because he is left alone to make the decision he boxed himself into, he now
 asks congress to support him in order to hedge that decision, to absolve
 himself if it goes bad so he can say it wasn't his fault, or take credit
saying he forced congress to back him up and go after Syria's Bashar Assad.

Because of his waffling and indecision, Barack Hussein Obama is the most
dangerous man involved in the Middle East. Like a green recruit pulling the
 trigger starting a catastrophic war....a misstep by this inexperienced,
 incompetent who doesn't have a clue, or the foggiest idea about what to
do,  is asking for our trust.

Another of his manipulation of language is changing the meaning of scandal
by interpreting it to mean phony. Dare to disagree with this interpretation
 or any of his other missteps and get labeled a racist by the libercronialist
 (leftist pals).  It isn't the color of his skin, it's the thickness; and his ply
 is very thin by not being able to take any criticism for being  a Bungling
 Buffoon. Harvard law professor indeed.

Some long term prison inmates are using their time studying law books and
 have become quite proficient, using their knowledge to tie up the court system
 with frivolous law suits. From what I have witnessed of the President on a
different level, he is using his knowledge of the law to circumvent
it and manipulate it for his advantage at the expenses of the people he was
voted to serve. He is using the law to serve him, choosing an Attorney General
to assist in making sure all the I's are dotted and all the T's are crossed.

It doesn't hurt to have a bunch of zombies called Congress to let him get
away with it.

Conservative article from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Robert Felten said...

Never in our history have we known so little about our President than we know about Barack Hussein Obama. No in depth reporting has been done about it by the main street media. It's almost that no news is good news when it comes to Obama. If you question anything about his school records, his health records, his "real" birth certificate, his social security number, or anything else about him you are called a racist or an Obama hater. He really is a "Manchurian" President, as we really don't know who is pulling the strings behind the scenes to prop him up as he seems, when left on his own, that he doesn't know what the hell is going on in and around his circle of advisors. It's like the lights are on in the White House, but nobody is home.