Thursday, December 19, 2013

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News Flash: The Pope is no fan of Capitalism.
This came as a bit of a surprise to me.  For a man of religion who is reputed to have his ear to the ground - and is recognized as a keen student of history - it is surprising that he rags on the free-enterprise system. And, he would prefer which other system?  
I'm always surprised at the ways in which so many people change, once they have achieved elevated status or have been placed into positions of political power over others.  You can never foretell about how an individual will react to increased power, be it spiritual or political.  
What I do know is that having a larger, more powerful microphone with bigger speakers amplifies one's viewpoint but,  it doesn't make it right, if it is wrong.
I guess the disappointments we feel are in direct relationship to misplaced, misguided or unrealistic expectations.
Of course, I'm inclined to think that the way I think, is logical, reasonable and right. I do feel slightly sorry for people who, however well-meaning, view things through smudged filters.  That said, I don't feel obliged to either clean their glasses or attempt to change their minds.  i prefer to smile, tip my hat, give them wide berth - and ride around them.
I am a big fan of the free-enterprise system - Capitalism.  While people have failed the system; the system hasn't failed the people.  Lying about it doesn't change things.
We are currently living through a period in our history, when our country is being torn apart by the imposition of a many-times-failed ideology that advocates the re-distribution of wealth from the more successful segment of our Society, to the  less successful, poorer segment of our Society. The consequences of this misguided policy are clearly evidenced in the disruption of the traditional order of things and, in the intentional, systematic destruction of our way of life - and the Liberty that has made us 'exceptional'.   
We are seeing the results of replacing a proven, successful system with pie-in-the-sky 'hope & change'.   We are being bludgeoned  with Progressive-ism    It ain't working!
Keep preaching, Mr. Pope but, I suggest you  leave Capitalism out of your messages - because in this case, you are not infallible -  in this case, you're wrong.
MORT KUFF  © 11-28-2013

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Bob Leahy said...

It seems like the Pope is trying to be politically correct by bad-mouthing capitalism, claiming that it is responsible for adding more poverty to the world. Just the opposite is the case, the free enterprise countries have the highest standards of living in which the poor in our country and other democratic countries, would be considered middle-class as compared to the Marxist/Socialist countries of Africa and Central and So. America. Besides, most of those countries are ruled by brutal dictators who steal from their own poor people. It seems that economics is not one of the Pope's strong points.