Thursday, December 5, 2013

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Predictions re: ObamaKerry
Secretary of State John (rhymes with 'yawn') F. Kerry, who proudly served in Viet Nam for four months - and awarded himself three 'Lavender Heart' decorations for invisible wounds - and who is Barack Obama's 'Diplomatic Bumbler-of-Choice' will, in the next twelve months  - - -
- find a way to prostitute the United States to Iran by cleverly cobbling together an agreement whereby we loosen economic sanctions that will relieve most of the pain currently being inflicted upon that nation - led by vicious, smiling, blood-thirsty cretins  - in return for which we receive absolutely nothing from Iran's leaders, except deception, delay and  worthless words about peaceful applications of their ongoing  nuclear research.  The reality is of course, the totally transparent farce being pumped out by Iran that attempts to obscure their relentless race toward a capability to manufacture nuclear- tipped missiles.  That is, if they do not already possess that capacity.    
Expect ObamaKerry to find new & improved ways to further erode our already stressed relations with Israel by more back-stabs and public slaps-in-the-face of Prime Minister Netanyahu - re-iterating as if to prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that Obama despises Jews and Israel - and is intent on making it crystal clear that despite his phony-baloney , bullshit 'pronouncements of loyalty to Israel', there is zero chance of the United States offering any support whatsoever to 'our closest ally in the Middle East' - when push comes to shove with a nuclear Iran.  The Nobel Peace Prize committee is probably, already making preparations for  next year's ObamAward, as this is being written.  This is the lunatic world we live in.
And, here is my general, all-inclusive prediction that ObamaKerry, the Diplomatic Bumbler-of-Choice, will manage somehow, to subjugate our nation to Russia's Putin, China's 'President What's-his-Face - -  and every other corrupt, tyrannical dictator who occupies a seat in the 'Circle of Fiends' - all cretins large & small - located on our very own East River in NYC.  Remember them?  They are the peaceful folks  who spend most of their time dining in New York's finest eateries, parking anywhere they damned please without consequences, voting to condemn Israel and who ironically, refer to themselves as, The United Nations.    
There isn't a chance in Hell, that I'll be wrong regarding any one of these prognostications.

MORT KUFF  © 11-13-2013

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Larry Cutler said...

Didn't Obama say to Iran, "If you like your nuclear weapons, you can keep them"? Isn't that what Sec'y of State, John " Neville Chamberlain" Kerry negotiated for our "Liar in Chief", Barack Hussein Obama? If this isn't the Keystone Kops, I don't know what is.