Sunday, December 29, 2013

MORT's meanderings

Don't say, 'Christmas'.  That's an order.
Here's what our Armed Forces have come to, in the era of Obama:
Recently, a military 'diversity training officer' instructed a group of U.S. soldiers at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, not to use the word, 'Christmas'.  The soldiers wanted to organize an annual Christmas football tournament.  An official of the 'Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute' told them they were to use the term, 'Holiday Tournament', instead.     Wonderful.   Brilliant.
I served in the U.S. Navy toward the end of WW2.  I do remember the enormous effort put forth by civilians to produce all the weapons and machinery needed to fight the war - and I was witness to our Armed Forces who fought like demons and who were ultimately successful in defeating  the combined forces of the Axis of Tyranny - Hitler's Germany in Europe and the fanatical Japanese in the Pacific.  I remember that, clearly.
But, I don't  remember any such stupidity as a department called, the 'Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute' contributing to either the civilian or military effort.  How in hell did we ever win that war without the sage guidance of Obama-created  lunacies such as this?   
Quite obviously, Generals Eisenhower, Marshall and Patton and Admirals King, Nimitz and Halsey didn't have the advantage of Commander-in-Chief  Barack Hussein Obama's brilliant military genius.  How did they do it without him?  Astonishing.
God help us in purging this nation of such ultra-leftist, atheistic, nitwits - cowardly elected officials in the Congress - and the Obama-supported  encroachment of militant Islam-Jihad into every aspect of our Society.  We'll surely need divine intervention if we are to face, defeat & destroy this scourge of miscreant political correctness, gone wild.  
Anyone care to join me in prayer this Christmas and into the New Year?  Then, after prayer, in standing tall, screaming to the rooftops and performing as those courageous  civilians & military did during WW2, but this time to rid Washington, D.C. of the corrupt freaks & frauds and put into elected office, principled men & women. True patriots who will respect and protect our Constitution, our Liberty and our American way of life.
MORT KUFF  © 12-25-2013

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