Thursday, December 12, 2013

Owner's Manual

The Constitution is our owner's manual, written by the founders
of the nation, guiding us on how to operate our new country.

To get it going, a boss (President) was created to oversee its
employees (Congress) to supervise their work and approve or
disapprove what they work on. For arbitrating differences a
tech desk (Supreme Court) was formed to interpret the
manual (Constitution).

When a new innovation (Amendment) is introduced to improve
 the country, it is presented to the ownership for their approval
or disapproval for entry into the manual (Constitution).

The United States is a very large operation and unfortunately
unskilled workers get hired in the mix, having to put up with
them for two to four years until they can be fired and replaced.
If it's necessary to improve the mechanics of operation, when
new parts are ordered, they are sometimes incompatible and
though they may work for a while, they can become a problem,
like political correctness, affirmative action, special interests
and entitlements gone amok. Shoddy workmanship such as the
Affordable Care act can seriously damage the stability of the
country's economy and causing chaos to a major industry.

Nowhere in the manual (Constitution) does it contest or refuse
using an additive like STP (Judeo/Christian) formula to smooth
the way from friction.

An invasion of revisionists who want to rewrite the manual
(Constitution) to mimic the failed doctrines of countries
lacking the human rights and freedom of the United States
are infesting the halls of government.

We must be vigilant to protect this manual (Constitution) from
them among us, having evil intent, in hope of destroying one of
the great documents known to man.

By George Giftos, a Constitutional Conservative

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